May 20, 2009

Why do your feet "smell", yet your nose "runs"?

When I mentioned how mean of a mom I am, I forgot to mention The Chocolate. Oh my, The Chocolate. When I bring home fine, hand-crafted artisanal chocolate from Andre's, I refuse to share said chocolate with a group of hooligans who are just as happy to cram their craws with sub-standard Hershey's. However, my husband has totally given me grief over this. You see, gentle reader, he grew up with an Indian mother and apparently, gals from the sub-continent of Asia are complete chumps where their children are concerned. I wish I could have met X's mother (God rest her soul) because I would have taught her that no child is worth the sacrifice of good chocolate.

Oh, speaking of kiddie music from yesterday's post! I won tickets to the Kansas City Jiggle Jam coming this weekend. Many thanks to Jenny's giveaway on her Kansas City Savvy Source (a great place to keep up on KC happenings!) I used to loathe kiddie music, *shudder*, but Jack's Big Music Show really turned things around for me and now I have a better appreciation for it. While I still will not jam to Laurie Berkner or David Weinstone as we cruise down the highway, I am still really looking forward to hanging out with my friend Susan and our kids this weekend (I am sharing my tickets with her).

In other under-reported news in My Life, I joined a local mom's group on Monday. And I am looking forward to it. I already know many of the moms from Arun's school and can see that the group lacks drama, which is something I am not looking for in my life right now anyway. Primarily, I am joining because I really need to get out of my comfort zone. I feel incredibly fortunate that I already know loads of moms who "stay" at home and can run around with me during the week. We are already quite busy, so I was hesitant to add something else to our schedule But. I miss meeting new people. I miss putting myself out there. In my past career, I was always meeting new folks, new clients, etc. I miss that. And I also want to push my kids out there in the whole "meeting new folks" exercise as well. I also decided to just dive right in and we are attending a treasure hunt later this week.

Tomorrow, I am beginning Handbag Thursday again! I have not felt up to it for a few weeks, but I want to begin it again. And as luck would have it, Monkey happened across my Only If I Ever Win The Lottery Dream Bag and took a snap of it for me.


D. Jain said...

Oh boy, the chocolate thing. This was a sticking point with me and my (Indian) husband when we first got together. I like having a box of Godiva or something to savor slowly over a period of weeks. He wants to "share" the chocolate and gobble it down really fast. My husband says that in India, and in his family, you just don't hoard things for yourself--ESPECIALLY if you are a mom. If it's expensive chocolate, or fancy perfume, or whatever it is you've got that your kids want, you have to let them have some.

NUH-UH! I've since been working on changing this attitude before our own kids come along.

I've been thinking about your and your great-aunt, btw. I've got the same thing going on too, except my great-aunt is still alive, just with dementia and living in a home. It's horrible thinking of her stuff being pawed through. But my grandmother (her sister) is going to hold an estate sale soon and I dread it.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I recommend They Might Be Giants for kids music because they're great musicians under the deceptive cover of quirky, silly and goofy. Flood is still one of my favourite albums of all time (and the second CD I ever bought, I believe...John Lennon's Greatest Hits was the first)

Gori Girl said...

Jack Johnson is also a pretty good artist for kid & adult friendly music. He even has a Curious George sing-along albumn, I think, that I never notice as kid's music when it comes up on Pandora.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Huh. Apparently TMBG releases podcasts and songs expressly for children. You can find them on Youtube. Here's one here:

I grew up on a lot of Harry Belafonte on car trips with my family. And of course, helium twins Asha Bhosle and Lata Mangeshkar.

Dee said...

We won tickets to Jiggle Jam too and can't wait! Are you guys going Saturday or Sunday? We'll be there Saturday since we had some family obligations on Sunday. Plus, I really wanted to see They Might Be Giants. (You should check out the free podcasts on iTunes if you haven't seen them! I keep a few on my iPhone for when we're out and need emergency entertainment.) They have some great kids' music.

Greg said...

Rock on with your Jiggle Jam self. Pass that damn chocolate! Don't underestimate Hershey's tho - they do make a rather savory and "it can compete with the best of them" select dark blend that can be found on an end-cap at your nearest CVS.

Andre's is real good. If you want something close to heaven, look into Burdick's from CA. wow. just WOW! However, the $ you shill for a small box of that will make you want to go into your nearest Rocky Mountain MallChocolate Factory and drag your finger up their slab just once.