May 1, 2009

Won't you be my neighbor?

So, I have not talked about our new neighbors much. And much like my No Blogging stance on Arun's school, I will not be blogging much about the neighbors, either.


We were hanging out with them last night on the front sidewalk, getting acquainted. Their children are almost exactly our children's ages and from the start, Arun was getting along with them.


Then, we were talking to the husband and it turns out they are religious.


Fortunately, they are the Happy Sort of Religious Folk. You know - the types who preach love and peace - full-on Jesus Junkies. So, that is pretty cool, I suppose.


So, there's the husband, declaring his love for eternal life et al, and what does my own beloved husband do? X, starts laughing and before I could even utter the words "hellbound heathens" he proclaims, "We are the total opposite." And then laughs some more.


He totally ruined my gig. I could have pretended to Believe for the sake of getting a new friend out of the bargain. Maybe?


More Snaps From Vegas
Someone has decided she is too cool for her mother to be snapping her pics. I get the "No taking pictures! I mad at you!" with a Talk to the Hand gesture as she runs away so that she can sulk.



Anonymous said...

Haha, that interaction with the neighbors sounds absolutely priceless. Christians like that make me mad and crack me up at the same time. I gotta give X a thumbs-up though on that one :)

-Little sister

Average Jane said...

Ha! I can just hear X saying that. :)

aibee said...

I LOVE that second photo.

The crossed arms/diaper-square kiddybutt combo is about killing me.

Olivia said...

Making friends with the hardcore religious is hit or miss. My husband and I thought we were on our way to making new friends with some of them after we moved. We liked these two sets of couples and their families and had plenty to talk about besides religion. But, once we were asked if we would want to join their church and we said no, they dropped us. So disappointing.