February 10, 2009

Is that your final answer?

Slumdog Millionaire Synopsis
A: Gutwrenching
B: Heartbreaking
C: Inspiring
D: All of the above

Slumdog Millionaire was one of those movies that takes you on one helluva rollercoaster ride of emotions. Did it help or make it worse that I have ridden over the infamous Kala Pul in Karachi? (
Kala Pul is named after a bridge in Karachi, which connects, and simultaneously separates, the affluent parts of the city and the lower income areas.) Probably both - I watched much of Slumdog Millionaire with a mix of dread and anticipation of what was to come - I hate to talk about it too much for fear of spoiling, but there were not many surprises here. In particular, I knew what was going to happen the entire time the kids were in the "orphanage" because I had already heard similar stories. The sole advantage to knowing was I could at least look away from the screen when needed. *sigh*

I also saw Gran Torino over the weekend, which as I twittered, left me "
with a tangible hankering for an ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon. a cigarette, and some vinyl seats." Really, this was a great film and must-see for any Clint Eastwood fan - some of diaglogue with the teenaged protagnist ("Toad") was forced and weak and the actor himself was not strong enough for the character, but the overall story arc and writing made up for it.

Wow. In the past 4 months, I have seen more movies in the theatre than I have seen in easily 4 years, if not more. The lovely thing about the Ridiculous TV is that I no longer feel compelled to fork over my precious dimes n' nickels to sit in freezing, darkened theatres with noisy strangers as they munch on their nasty smelling popcorn and answer non-essential phone calls (yes, the smell of popcorn smells like poo to me. No joke.) However, the sad part about the Ridiculous TV is that I must wait for movies to make it to DVD. I am tired of being Behind the Times, so I have been sucking it up and going to the movies. Also, I love watching the Oscars and would like to watch them this year actually have a frockin' clue as to what the awards are going for. Speaking of moviews, I am SO excited that Arun can sit through movies now - I love animation and am excited about us going to movies together. Smelly popcorn notwithstanding, of course.

Okay. I have some housekeeping to do regarding my review site: Queen of the Free Bees. Last year, I decided that I was going to get Needy n' Greedy by offering myself up for Free Stuff. However, I quickly realized I am way too lazy to write reviews for Free Stuff so I neglected to actually request the Free Stuff. Yes, lazy. That is me. I feel horrible about it because I did receive a free book last fall - The Rookie Mom's Handbook. Please read my review of this lovely little gem and enter a comment to enter my giveaway for a copy of it.

Also, I recently received a Hugs for You Monkey from the folks at Build A Bear. Read my review and enter a comment there to enter my giveaway for a $25 gift certificate to Build a Bear.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cagey, I tried to comment on your Build a Bear review but I'm doing something wrong. Do I have to have a Google account or an OpenID url to post? Would appreciate any help you can send my way! Thanks!

Rozanne said...

The plot/setting of Slumdog Millionaire reminded me in a lot of ways of Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance.

I, too, think movie theatre popcorn stinks esp. all the icky toppings. They smell like vomit to me. Gross!