October 31, 2008

Hey, after we bring Democracy to Iraq, you think we could see about getting some of that over here, too??

Ask and you shall receive! Thanks for all the posting ideas. I will get through them, I swear.

First and foremost, I did post over at Brit's crib yesterday about the so-called dangers of Free Range Trick or Treating. Check it out!

Now, for some questions:
Several of you asked about Halloween costumes. I will post snaps later, although there is one on Brit's site. This year, Arun is an astronaut and Anjali is a witch. Originally, Arun wanted to be a rocket which would been a blast (pun intended) to create. Realistically, however, a 3 year old being a rocket would have been a pain. We get a lot of mileage out of our costumes - between Boo at the Zoo, Arun's school functions and Halloween itself. I know some folks are adamant about only wearing costumes on Halloween itself, but Arun's enthusiasm does not seem dampened yet for his costume.

Also, several of you asked about Asshole #1. Um. Hmmm. I am not comfortable laying out all of the sordid story here, but I will tell the short version. We began dating when I was 18 and we dated for over 4 years during which we thought we would get married. The relationship had all the usual markings of first love, youth, immaturity and spats. Lots and lots of spats. It took me a long time to get over that relationship which was not helped by the fact that while dating, the guy insisted Certain Events did not happen and that I was a crazy, jealous lunatic to think so yet when we broke up, I found out that lots and lots of Certain Events did, indeed, happen.

I do not regret the relationship though. Because of the relationship, I was enmeshed in a fun group of diverse cultures - Pakistani, Indian, Afghan, Sri Lankan, Middle Eastern and South American. We were an eclectic bunch and truly, my college years were so much fun because of the folks I got to hang out with (for one, we always had the best dance parties!) Also, because of the relationship, I did go to Pakistan in 1993. Someday, Brash, I promise I will post about it. I will try to do that within the next month or so.

Anyway, that relationship made me who I am today. After my experiences, Central Asia wormed its way into my being, never to leave. It is also why marrying an Indian Catholic was absolutely the very best situation for me and as such, my family did not think twice of it when X and I began dating. I truly feel I have the best of both worlds! I could not have married a more perfect guy for me.

Everyone should be so fortunate to say that, right? Right.

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