October 17, 2008

Thank you.

I simply cannot think of a snarky, smarmy, odd question for today's title.

Thank you. Thank you.

I received so many kind, thoughtful comments, emails and donations regarding my post about autism and how it has wormed its mysterious way into my family. I never, ever expected to raise $200 towards this walk. Realistically, I had hoped to match my own $50 and that was all. I cannot even begin to describe how proud I was that I raised 4x that amount. No, no....I am not proud of me, but proud of the blogosphere. All of us who are out here lurking and connecting.

A month ago, I was with a group of gals and we were talking about blogs in general. One of the gals emphatically declared that she "could never keep a journal online" and inferred that it would be icky to do so. It is very difficult to explain at times how blogging is simply a different form of social media and networking.

Now? I have a sweet story of how blogging is so much more than an "online journal". It truly is a community.


Anonymous said...

That's how the blogosphere works: you set a goal, your imaginary blog friends make sure you meet it. :D

Anonymous said...

Speaking of autism, there's a very sweet article about a school for autistic teens on the NYT website.