October 29, 2008

Stay with me, will you not?

Updated to Add: I am totally outing and nullifying "jhawks379" from any and all future questions. Folks....... not only was she my very first roommate in college and supposed BFF, she was the nefarious soul who actually introduced me to Asshole #1. She is an "innocent" fraud lurking in our midst. Beware!

Updated to Also Add: I love Jhawks379 more than my luggage. *sniff*

In an attempt to hobble my way through this major blogging funk in which I am still hopelessly mired, I am going to resort to scattered thoughts. Please excuse the mess while my blogging psyche is under reconstruction.....

Space Invader: Tomorrow, I will be guest-posting over at Brit's crib!

Odd Fear: I am terrified of being diagnosed with high blood pressure, but not for reasons you may think. I love, love sunflower seeds, like as in a "must eat a bit of them every day and will actually have my stomach twist in knots if I cannot have them" way. When I went to Pakistan for 6 weeks, I took 6 lbs of seeds with me, but ran out in Week 4. Dude. It was easier giving up cigarettes for that 6 weeks, than it was my seeds for 2 weeks. I have been hooked on seeds since I was 8 years old and it is still my favorite way to read a book - with a bowl of seeds at hand.

My Grandma Rocks: My grandma was warning me about possible riots next week if Obama loses. However, she totally and completely mangled Obama's name. I gently chided her, "Grandma, you need to learn how to pronounce his name as he is going to be our next President." To her credit, she giggled right along with me. I have also ribbed her about not voting so that her vote will not cancel out mine. I love my grandma so much, she is one of the single most important influences on my life. When she is gone, there will be a gaping hole in my life that will not ever quite heal. Ever.

Butting Heads: The past few weeks have been tortutous. Arun has a staph infection which requires the nastiest antibiotic known to man. I feel so bad for this kid having to suck down that bitter syrup. But not so bad that I am not unwilling to sit on his arms and pry his maw open to squirt to the back of his mouth because OMFG if he spits it out one more time I am going to lose my mind so help me GOD. Also, Anajli is cutting molars and has an ear infection, which is like gooeylicious icing on top of my crapcake.

Facing Your Past: Facebook is cracking me up. Seriously. My friends on there are from all over my past and my present. In fact, for a few days, I was convinced my grade school bully was trying to add me as a friend. For what? To apologize? To cyber-bully me? I was relieved to find it was a case of mistaken identity. Also, a warning - Facebook and wine do not mix. I repeat, Facebook and wine do not mix. Folks, I almost Friended an ex-boyfriend, Asshole #1. Why? Why? Because Bacchus is a mean pervert, that is why.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Here is your chance. Ask a question. Any inquiries that do not involve my social security number, blood type, preferred sexual position, etc. will be answered. Help a blogger out. Please.


A. Nonny Mouse said...

Hit you with my best shot? Easy Peasy: tell us about Asshole #1. What earned him such a moniker? Are there Assholes #>1?

BRash said...

I've asked before, but I'll try again. I desperately want to know about your trip to Pakistan - the guy, the experience, everything. Especially if it includes pictures. I'm married to a Pakistani and I went for the 2nd time last January, and I've never met any other gori wife who's been. (Although I know you're a different brand of gori wife - hey, 70 years ago it was all one place!)

meno said...

You could try substituting dope for those seeds. That might help kick that nasty habit. Aren't i helpful?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cagey, tell us about Asshole #1. And how about kids Halloween costumes? Sorry to hear about Arun, poor kid.

Mamma Sarah said...

Oh yes do tell about costumes and trick or treat. I also agree with a-hole#1 story!!!

How did you and hubby meet? What is your favorite recipe that has been passed down/on to you and why is it a fav?

Anonymous said...

I hope I wasn't the mistaken identity. I was (still am) afraid you would think I was some weird stalker for friending you on Facebook. Oh the wine and FB! I sent a message to an ex-boyfriend that seamed totally innocent (were talking Junior High ex here and we were good friends after that) that if he was in town we should get together (totally innocent I assure you) but I never heard back from him. Now I'm afraid he thinks I was hitting on him and I'm too chicken to set it straight.

So sorry about the kiddos. I know how you feel about the spitting out medicine. If only they would listen to reason. Whine all you want just take the dang medicine and get it over with!

Caleb is working on his bottom molars and has had a cold which means he refuses to sleep. We are kind of part-time cosleepers. If Caleb will stay asleep in his bed then that is where he stays. If he wakes up and won't go back to sleep he is welcome in our bed. He was sleeping through the night most nights and now for the last couple of weeks he is up an down all night. He has also started wanting to nurse ALL the time. Demanding to nurse is more like it. Drop everything you are doing and nurse now or I will turn into a sobbing puddle of goo in fact. I have heard this can happen I just didn't really believe it.

How did you handle the cosleeping when it was just you, X and Arun? We are having a hard time now that Caleb is getting bigger and our bed is not. Three of us in a queen-size bed is, well, a little too cozy. I know you have said that X comes from the land of cosleeping. How long does that go on? Do you anticipate encouraging the kids to sleep in their own bed or do you relish them staying with you for as long as they want?

MLE said...

If you were to get one do-over in your life (ie, go back and change a decision you made that turned out not so good, etc.), what would you pick? Or would you choose not to change anything?

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

What are you dressing them up as this year?

What do you think distinguishes a desi mango from those horrible florida monstrosities?? (ps, did I tell you that you can get desi mangoes on the east coast occasionally? Baba brought me one from Gujarat, kesari, I think...like eating cardamom pulp it was THAT fragrant)

If you could travel anywhere in the world, you and your whole family, where would you go?

zomg, do you get obsessed with typing farflung locations into Flickr and looking at them wide-eyed? Like, everyday I type "Sapa" or "Seychelles" or "Somalia" into Flickr and love seeing the travel photographs.

What is your dream camera? What camera do you currently use? I'm about decided on the Panasonic DMC-FZ28 because it's $200+ cheaper than a Nikon D60+ but gives you manual controls over the ultra zoom lens. This seems about right for now.

Anonymous said...

More than your luggage... That's so sweet! I hope this means you totally forgive me for you-know-who.