September 16, 2007

Why is it called a "TV set" when you only get one?

Updated: I just watched The Bionic Woman via Comcast On Demand. Oh WOW. Very impressed. This show has SO much potential if they can keep the writing tight and not get silly with all the loose threads they tossed around in the pilot. My original misgivings were based on the fact that I remember the original - I even had the doll. Now, if they will just let New Jamie wear a blue polyester pantsuit. Just once.....

Updated Again, Because Can You Say "Anal Retentive"?: Just watched Chuck via On Demand. Again, Sold. It was campy enough, but not overly so. Also, they did a good job with casting which is key for this show since the writing was not super sharp. However, it was a thoroughly enjoyable show to watch so I would recommend it.

While a wet spot on your sheets is a sign that something terribly good just happened, a wet spot on your ceiling is most assuredly, quite the opposite. Bah. I finally found a good plumber recently and it appears he shall be put to good use soon. In the meantime, X and I are sharing a bathroom which will surely stretch the seams of our marriage. Ahem. Also, our pilot light on our furnace went out this weekend. X and I managed to light it ourselves, but............. Whoa, DUDE. I hate anything involving an open flame near a gas source. Yes, I realize that is the very essence of a pilot light which is precisely why my palms were sweating more than a Republican in an airport bathroom stall as we lit the damned thing. I was not particularly keen on making my children filthy rich at such tender ages. However, considering our grill is also hooked to a gas source and we light that on a consistent basis, I figured two reasonably educated individuals could figure out the faded diagram on the side of the furnace. And apparently, we did.

Anyway, the weekend went fairly well overall and this makes the 2nd weekend in a row where I have felt like my Old Self. She may be cynical and slightly spiteful, but damn. I sure missed her.

So, it is that time of year again. The time where I carefully put together my Fall TV Schedule. I think the tradition began back in my days of public accounting and dueling VCRs. With my travel and work schedule, I had to be sure that my VCRs picked up everything possible to ensure my lame weekend social life was complete. For new shows that I have decided upon, I like to give a 3 Episode Minimum before axing them. This makes the first few weeks a little stressful as I try to cram all that viewing in, but hello! This is television which is muy, muy importante in this teeny, tiny existence of mine. I wish X understood the need to chain Arun to the coffee table while I watch my precious programs. He is such a spoilsport like that. Back in "the day", I used to do careful research and cross-checking to maximize the potential that I would not miss any hot shows, but I just do not have the time for that any longer. This year, I ripped out the handy-dandy guide from TV Guide's Fall Preview and went from there. Anyway, these are the new shows premiering that I will be giving a go-around before making a final decision - full descriptions available on Zoot's TV Addict Site:

Aliens in America - a Pakistani Muslim exchange student? I cannot resist. It is actually getting good buzz and is supposed to be about the trials and tribulations of high school - hence the "aliens" (not just the exchange student)

- This is supposed to be pretty good - campy, funny.

Samantha Who? - I do not care for the premise of an amnesiac restarting life. However, I am a huge Christina Applegate fan stemming from her days on Married with Children and Don't Tell the Mom the Babysitter's Dead right on through to the short-lived Jessie.

Reaper - This is the show I am most looking forward to and I cannot put my finger on why. It is pegged as an offbeat comedy of a guy who learns that his parents sold his soul to the devil when he was born. When he turns 21, he must work as Satan's personal bounty hunter. TV Guide's Matt Roush termed it "spectacularly enjoyable" for whatever that is worth.

Cane - This show will be one of the first canned if I find I do not have the time, which is quite probable because I actually enjoy hanging out with my kids.

Pushing Daisies - I HATE the premise of this show, which is some guy who touches people to bring them back to life. If he touches them again, they die for good. So of course, he brings back to life someone he loves which means he cannot ever touch her again. Blah. However, it is getting too much buzz for me to ignore.

Private Practice - I gave up on Grey's Anatomy after the first season, but could use medical drama in my life, I guess. Tim Daly is a draw for me as well. However, may be easily canned as well if time gets short.

Dirty Sexy Money - Peter Krause and Donald Sutherland? I must give this a chance for those two alone.

Gossip Girl - I am not sure why, but a high school drama that involves "backstabbing and Burberry" appealed to the high schooler who dwells deep in my heart.

Back to You - Kelsey Grammer playing a smarmy local news anchor earns this a 3 episode minimum. Added bennie of potentially sucking my husband into watching this with me.

Bionic Woman - Does not particularly appeal to me, but is getting too much positive buzz to ignore.


Dooneybug said...

Ooohhh...I'm totally looking forward to Reaper because it reminds me of Dead Like Me which was a totally awesome series from Showtime. If you've never seen it, the seasons are on dvd and I highly recommend it.

Pushing Daisies also looks appealing, sort of a "Big Fish" type cinematography.

Man, I loved Six Feet Under too. What does this say about my personality? Do I have a flair for the afterlife???

Lisa said...

Thanks for all of that info. I hardly watch tv. SO when I do, I want the show to be good. Will have to check out a few of your recommendations. :-)

Moderndayhermit said...

Oh boy, I sure hope I have The CW on my Dish Network package so I can add that show to my list.

Last night I sat down and went through network websites and placed all my shows on a calendar. I also started a post that goes into what shows I plan on watching and it's straight up EMBARRASSING how much tv I plan to watch this fall.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Thanks for bringing up the DVR. My parents were like "yeah, why DON'T you have one?" I'm going to buy it when they're out here. Am going to keep this list in mind considering how many good shows you've recommended.

Just got back, have to email you soon. I'm really happy to hear you're feeling Old Selfy again.

Goofy Girl said...

I am also looking forward to "Reaper". I miss Buffy so much that I'm grasping at any undead straw I can find.

I'm also looking forward to a mid-season show called "The Sarah Connor Chronicles". Sarah Connor was the kick-ass mom (Linda Hamilton) from Terminator. More here:

And (drum-roll, please), Goofy now has DVR! So no more rushing home for Survivor at 7:00pm sharp anymore*. Ah, the freedom! I just can't bear it.

*which, BTW premieres THIS THURSDAY! Whee!

Unknown said...

Thank God for the new fall season. I'm running out of decent things to rent on Netflix!