September 24, 2007

How does Freddy Krueger wipe his butt?

Inquiring minds want to know...... that I have swam through the murky post-partum waters and emerged somewhat intact, I am in possession of my sanity and am able to view my Reality in sharp focus again. And I like what I see. It never fails that when I post a rancidity rant, that things turn around which force me to feel quite sheepish for having groused in the first place. The past weekend was so very awesome that now I feel compelled to post the things I do enjoy about my precious progeny.

Enjoy the smarm bordering on the braggish.

Now that her male pattern baldness is working itself out, she is finding peace in her life. She loves bright colors and is very interested in faces. And she is SO very smiley and snuggly - she has progressed from Cooing and Gurgling to Happy Squeals. She is very curious about her world and she is such a relaxed baby, it blows my mind that a baby could even be this easy. She does things such as falling to sleep while just lying there. Seriously - just lying there. No endless pacing around the house. No bouncing her in the bouncy chair until my calves go numb. No desperate rocking to and fro until my arms ache. No nursing until my nipples are raw. I mean, not that Arun required any of those things. ha! With him, I considered getting a pedometer so I could track all the miles I wandered in my very own house.

Anyway, we are all settling into a semi-routine and truthfully, the 2nd child gains the benefit of Mothering Experience. For example, I am really trying my best to let things go and just concentrate on holding her and playing with her as much as possible. This time will fly fast and she is my last baby. Overall, we are really enjoying her and are so tickled with her personality. My heart skips a beat everytime I hear X get in her face and singsong "what a sweet little thing" she is. He would scoff if I told him how yummy he is, but truly. He is just adorable with her.

Where I can see now that Arun was a difficult baby until he was about 6 months, he has made up for it as a toddler. We still have not had a full-blown tantrum yet - YET. I have seen that if I can keep my own patience in check, it goes a long way in helping him keep his own temper when things do not happen at the pace he wants. Overall, he is speeding along through life these days - it is all a grand adventure for him. When he is not subjecting Anju to his Lenny moves from Of Mice and Men, he is practicing his jump moves. Literally. He learned how to jump last week and I have laughed so hard lately my stomach hurts. He starts at one end of the room and with much concentration.... wait for it.....wait for it.....Jump!!. THEN, he erupts until maniacal laughter. It was a solid 20 minutes worth of him jumping, then laughing, which made me giggle harder. Rinse, repeat. We were at Costco yesterday and I happened to look over at him while I was paying and there he was....jumping.

Arun is fairly obsessed with trains these days. He still loves his animals, cars and books but they pale in comparison to trains..TRAINS...TRAINS. The only saving grace is that he does not care for Thomas and his equally creepy anthropomorphic friends. However, Arun is not into music much - he loves Jack's Big Music Show, but rarely shows an interest in dancing and could care less for singing. However if you count or do the alphabet with him? Or read a number or letter book? Or do a number or letter puzzle with him? That is the sort of thing that gets him going. His favorite letters are Y, P, and T, but he is showing a particular fondness for K, judging by the ecstatic manner in which he shouts "K!!". But the very best is his own name. Holy crap - that sends him over the moon. I have been marking all of his school items with his name and he is very excited that all this shit bears his moniker. Makes me want to take a Sharpie to all of his diapers. Maybe then he will get excited about those, too.

I think what is most amazing is what I do not know. I discovered last week that he knows his primary colors - I suppose he was paying attention to all those books, after all. All this time, I thought he did not know his colors and now I wonder - what else can he do? What else is rambling around in that hairy coconut of his?

Oh, Snap.............

Will Work For Haircut

At least for the time being.

Girl Smiley

Risky Business

Entertainment Brought to You By Costco
We were unloading the car from our trip to Costco when Anjali started to get fussy. X began piling stuff around her - and it worked.

Let There Be Light


Dee said...

It is amazing the things kids pick up. Zach surprised me by counting from 1-20 at the park one day. I didn't even know he could count all the way to 10, much less 20! It seems like every day he comes up with new words and phrases too. They are so much smarter than we think they are!

Lisa said...

You've got two georgous little people there. And good to hear Anjali is such a good natured little girl.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Try quadratic equations. Go Ahead. He might surprise you!

I was afraid to type those things about Anjali for fear of jinxing myself. I have walked too many miles in this house It would be nice if one kid would just FALL ASLEEP with little to no effort on my part.

One can dream.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Or Edward Scissorhands for that matter.

The Steinback reference made me chortle. You know, he gets a bum rap but I always liked his stuff. All except the red pony...

amy said...

Maybe write his name on his underwear instead of diapers and then you can have the easiest potty training ever?

Diana said...

Love it!

Hey, in those pictures, Anjali looks like she's got some red in her curls. Trick of the light or is she showing some auburn tendencies?

Mamma Sarah said...

OH Amy might be on to something with the whole writing the name in the underwear. :-)

You got some jems there and you deserve every minute of bliss! :-)

I love the kitty sunning pic. Nice change from the human kids.