September 3, 2007

Why do people point to their wrist when asking for the time, but not to their crotch when asking where the bathroom is?

For me, cleaning is therapeutic. Insert your own metaphor.

This past weekend, I did much cleaning and I feel better. Does cleaning and organizing make everything okay? Absolutely not, but I do feel more peaceful when I am not living in disarray and clutter.

One of the small problems with our lifestyle is that we do not really have holidays. I am a "stay at home" mom which means my life doesn't really recognize holidays. Toddlers and babies do not give a rat's ass that I'm supposed to have the day off. As such, they happily fill their diapers per usual and squawk for food/attention/more toys just like any other day. X has always owned/ran a business, so he does not get holidays either. Seriously. He worked during our honeymoon - the day before we got married, a situation at a client site blew up. We spent much of our honeymoon feverishly trying to get a cell phone connection in the Squam Lakes region of New Hampshire and even worse, the White Mountains. So, yeah....I always chuckle when people exclaim "I'd LOVE to own my business!" Yes, yes. It is really cool and exhilarating, but you actually do not have as much freedom as you would think. There is always a Man lurking somewhere.

To help my spirits, I created my own damned meme called "10 Things I am Looking Forward To". Feel free to steal this incredibly creative meme - let me know in the comments so I can cruise your spot.

10 Things I am Looking Forward to

1. Books
My heart be still. Sue Grafton's T is for Trespass comes December 4th. It always makes me sad when folks rave about Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, yet haven't heard of Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone. I totally heart Kinsey - she is cool, wry, smart and actually solves mysteries. How can you not love someone who cuts her hair with nail scissors AND fights crime? I'm also really, really stoked about James Lileks' new book Gastroanomalies: Questionable Culinary Creations from the Golden Age of American Cookery to be released November 27th. Not only am I eager to read it myself, I already have one Christmas gift for my dad in the bag.

2. Halloween
Ah, Halloween. My very favorite holiday. No birds to cook. No familial obligations. No shopping. Just candy and costumes.

3. Fall
Rustling leaves. Cool breezes. Cloudy skies. Utter bliss.

4. The Zoo, the park, Deanna Rose Farmstead, Pendleton's Farm
I am SO ready to get out and do things. Just as soon as the temperature gets under 85.

5. Stitch n' Bitch Winter Kickoff
We are planning a 2007 Winter Knitting kickoff - to be held somewhere cool, like a local winery.

6. Anjali's 1st Barrette
I am very excited about having to style Anju's hair. I have to keep myself from washing it every day and fluffing it to its curliest fullest. I bought barrettes in excited anticipation, but have not had the need for them yet.

7. Mad Men
Every Thursday, I look forward to my newest favorite show - Mad Men on AMC. A show about advertising executives on Madison Avenue. It is set in the 1960s and they do an amazing job of recreating that era. The best part is the office setup. I swear to GOD, I worked in a similar office set up with similar furniture at the Federal Reserve just a mere 2 years ago. It is neat to see all that furniture gleaming and new, as opposed to beat up crap I actually sat at. And how many of us have fond memories of typing away at an IBM Selectric in our high school typing classes??

8. My New Winter Coat
I really wanted a new winter coat last year, but was not keen on buying one while pregnant. This year? All bets are off.

9. Television
I am ready for television again - some knitting while watching my favorite shows (How I Met Your Mother, Old Christine, Heroes, The Office, 30 Rock). I am even looking forward to Oprah.

10. Arun's "New" Bed
We are gearing up for getting Arun a regular bed. I think toddler beds are a waste of money and we will be going straight for the twin sized one. I mentioned to my dad this plan and he immediately offered up MY old bed - I did not realize he still had them! It was a bunk bed set they purchased when I was Arun's age - both of my sisters and brother have used those beds as well. I can not describe how excited I am that my own children will get to use that bed set.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I have to make sure to get in all the Heroes S1 dvds off Netflix before the new season starts. I want to be all prepared.

meno said...

Janet E is not a very good writer. That;s the truth.

Christy said...

I LOVE "How I met your Mother"! I thought I was the only one. Doogie Howser is awesome!

Mamma Sarah said...

I'm totally stealing your meme! :-D Come see my favorites! You and I are SOOOO alike!

Onlythetruth said...

I have been looking for something new to read, I will have to try out the Sue Grafton books.

Also looking forward to fall. Enough of the heat already, soccer season has started and it must be cool so Tyler can get acclimated to the sport that will occupy her life for the next several years!


Diana said...

Oh, good! I was wondering when the next Sue Grafton was coming out. She completely rocks. I agree with you on the toddler bed. I'd recommend getting a mattress that's somewhat comfortable as, if you are like me, you will spend more than one night curled up on it with your sick or scared kid and you might as well be as comfortable as you can be.

Carrie said...

I'll have to give Sue Grafton a try. I've seen her books, but I've never taken the time to figure out which is first. I'm occ about starting series with the first book.

Dee said...

I'm definitely looking forward to fall TV shows. Although that means Zach will no longer get his nightly Blue's Clues fix. I'm also looking forward to Fall and Halloween. I've been trying to come up with costume ideas already.

I'm sure Arun will love his new bed. Zach loved his bunk beds so much when we got them that he wanted to sleep in it before we even had it all put together! He actually asked to take a nap that day.

CPA Mom said...

I have had T is for Trespass saved on Amazon for a while now. I love Sue Grafton and I have the entire series in my library. I am sad we are nearing the end. Not Harry Potter sad (let's not get CRAZY), but sad nonetheless.

We're getting ready to switch my 3 year old daughter from her toddler bed (it was free) to a FLEXA big girl bed. Fun times.

Halloween and Fall: DITTO.

Typewriters - we actually had an intern this summer who had never used a typewriter and didn't know how it worked. Can you say "I am old?"

Rozanne said...

"And how many of us have fond memories of typing away at an IBM Selectric in our high school typing classes??"

I wouldn't exactly say "fond," but I certainly do remember my high school typing class. The IBM Selectric was cutting-edge back then, esp. compared to the manual Remington we had at home.

We don't have cable TV, so I guess I'll miss out on Mad Men, but hopefully I can catch it when/if they release it on DVD. Sounds like something both B and I would love. Thanks for the tip!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

cpa mom...L to the OL. There are still a few forms hereabouts that need to be filled out on the typewriter and our dept is the only one still in possession of a typebeast. Our new (20 year old) receptionist desperately fetched me out of the office on Friday because she didn't understand "how to approach it."

"Well, you have to pad softly towards with with a treat in your hand..."

caro said...

How funny -- I just posted a similar list before seeing this. Great addled minds think alike ?

Unknown said...

If I don't get a Heroes fix soon, I AM GOING TO DIE A LONG, PAINFUL DEATH!

Enough with the crappy reality shows already! Bring on the new season!

Blondie said...

I just got finished watching Season 1 of Heroes. How did I miss this when it was on TV? It was sooo good. Squee.

Mojavi said...

hey I am going to do your meme :)