September 6, 2007

Where are they going?

Every year, a marching band comes down our street - they use our street to practice for the Johnson Co. Old Settlers parade. It is absolutely thrilling to stand in my own yard in a bathrobe with hair still wet as a gaggle of teenagers marches past playing a slightly off-key rendition of Eye of the Tiger. A song that I also played in my marching band days when it was a new release.

Band geeks unite!


The lovely thing about babies and toddlers is that they grow and thus need new wardrobes. Frequently. During this period I have come to refer to as My Malaise, I have found that some guilt free Retail Therapy in the guise of "winter wardrobe, 2007" goes a long way in offering relief. After all, it is for the children, right?


I am sure I am not the first to express this particular concern to the producers of Thomas the Train. But still. I wonder. George Carlin? Alec Baldwin? Really?


After Anjali merrily fills a diaper, she enters a state of utter and complete joy. I am almost embarrassed for her. I mean, do I offer a cigarette?


I learned recently that it is no longer necessary to add two spaces between sentences. I first heard of this through Average Jane, but I thought she was joking. Jane, she is a funny gal sometimes. However, Erin posted about it quite seriously. What the fuck? My world will never be the same. When did this happen? Why? Who made this decision? And most importantly, where was I and why was I not consulted?


stephanie said...

I hate parades because they bring back such flashbacks from marching band in middle and high school. Being in too many parades to count really made me unimpressed and annoyed by them all. I can't even watch the Thanksgiving day parade on TV anymore.

I will never give up the two spaces between my sentences. Never. It just looks wrong otherwise.

Mojavi said...

for some reason blogspot never recognizes my spaces between sentences anyway. I wonder why? My sentences look so pushed together. I even tried doing three spaces oh well. I always thought the two spaces was a waste, unless of course you were trying to get more pages on a 10 page paper :)

Diana said...

I started only using one space between sentences after college as a protest to my most-hated high school class, typing. Now I find I'm just one of the crowd.

Carrie said...

I learned about the space thing last year from my Graphic Designer hubby. I refused to believe him. I refuse to give up my 2 spaces!

CPA Mom said...

wait, Thomas the Train? IS there supposed to be a link in that sentence?

MLE said...

I've been writing like that for at least 10 years, since my freshman year in college and some professor marked up a paper I wrote (the two-spaces-marks were the only marks on the paper). I don't know when it happened, but it was that way at the publishing company where I worked in 2001 (I was the one responsible for making sure there was only one space between, among other things, in our manuscripts).

Onlythetruth said...

I had no idea about the 1 space thing either and that will be a habit hard to break. I just hope I haven't taught it to the girls and then they will have ammunition to come back to me and tell me I am wrong, of course that will happen anyway.

We used to live fairly close to SM West and the homecoming parade always went by our house and I loved it and I also played Eye of the Tiger when it was new. Band Geek and darn proud of it!


Lisa said...

Seth would be so freaking excited to have a band march down the street. I think he'd pee in his pants out of surprise and joy...

Sorry its been a while since I've visited. I have a link to your site but the address was wrong. And I've been too migrainey to change it. So I plan to change it this weekend.

Kelly said...

I'm sorry, but I just don't think I can stop putting two spaces between sentences. It's not going to happen.

Back in my day when we had to type on real typewriter that DINGED(!!) you put two spaces between sentences and then you walked uphill home from school in the snow carrying your little bother.

Next thing you know the're going to say that you don't return twice between paragraphs or put two spaces between the state and zip code on a letter!

Me said...

It would be awesome to have a marching band right in front of the house. I was not only a band geek, I got paid to be one in college (does that make me a professional band geek)? Anywho, I am envious.

I learned about the two space thing long ago - before I met you even. And I think it was Jane who told me too! It's saved my thumb many a keystroke.

Moderndayhermit said...

I love marching bands...former clarinetist here.


Children's clothing shopping is fantastic, so many clothes, so little time.


I can't remember the last time I used two spaces after a period. I believe a previous boss mentioned it to me * years ago (?).

Amanda said...

I am married to a fastidious, when it comes to type, designer. I had a lazy space bar when I met him so I never faced his wrath for the double space after periouds no-no.