September 8, 2006

Who are you and what have you done with my baby?

First, you have been taking naps in the crib. All week. One day, you even took a 4.5 hour nap. The last 2 hours I thought maybe you were dead, but I was too afraid to check in on you because what if you WERE alive, and then I woke you up? Needless to say, the last few hours were spent with me just skittering around the house nervously, not accomplishing much. I couldn't really start anything, because surely, definitely, positively, you would wake up the minute I got to work on a time-intensive task. You are sneaky like that, whoever you are.

Second, you have been going to bed at night in your crib. Without a fuss. Which leaves me with hours to spend doing whatever I want to do. Which means I have been up until past midnight every day this week frolicking around the house verily drunk in a sweet splendor of Free Time.

Third, in a thrust of momentum as you attempted to grasp frantically at the US Weekly that I was desperately trying to get out of your reach, you took a few steps. Of course, I tried to replicate the moment with the camcorder, so now I have loads of cheesy footage with me waving a cheap tabloid at you in my lame attempts to lure you into performing your trick again. Do these steps even count? They didn't seem very purposeful.

Fourth, in my Frenzy of Filming you crawled over to the Ridiculous TV and turned it on - very much purposefully, in this case, I might add. Much to your delight. And, truthfully, much to my own delight. Well, at least for now, since I suspect the tide will soon turn on that cute little trick after the umpteenth time you have "performed" that particular Feat of Bravery (wanna really test your mettle? I Triple Dog Dare you to try it during Monday Night Football).

Whoever you are, beware - my baby's daddy is coming home on Saturday and then I shall have WITNESSES.


Anonymous said...

I love that you enticed Arun to walk with celebrity trash. I LOVE IT.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

The first time was an accident because holy shit! He was ripping up my magazine. After that, I did it on purpose to get it on film but alas, the allure of Jessica Simpson wasn't enough for him (as apparently, it wasn't for John Mayer, either)

Anonymous said...

They never, ever perform on film. I've been trying to catch Zach doing his spinning in circles move for the video camera for two weeks now.

And that TV trick, not so great. Zach thinks it is hillarious to turn the TV off right at the most dramatic moments of my favorite shows. All I have to say is thank God for Tivo! It would be a shame to have to cut those cute little fingers off.

Anonymous said...

All you silly, silly mommies-of-one out there...Your baby's sudden adorableness and ability to nap is an evil ploy designed to make you forget all the worries and sleepless nights and decide to have another baby, because, really, aren't they just wonderful?

Mom of 2

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

He walked? Hmm, I bet he walks for X. My father got assigned to work in Canada when I was 6 months old and didn't get to see me for 5 whole months (this is back when we were still living on the mothership).

My first steps were walking towards HIM.

But my mom said out of curiousity. She claims I had forgotten all about him. My father says it was out of excitement. I'm inclined to believe him. My sister and I have always been Daddy's Girls.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Btw, that's not to say he loves X more than you or that I love Babbers more than Mummy. More like you try to goad them into doing their tricks and no one believes you, then all of a sudden the other parent appears and POUF!

Such were my first steps. My mom said she has been trying to get me to walk for a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the computer! It's a small step from turning the TV on to turning the computer OFF, usually at a crucial moment when you've spent significant time typing something. Not that this happened to me, I'm hypothesizing...


Rozanne said...

Wow. Major, major progress. What's next, composing a symphony? I think Mozart was about Arun's age when he composed his first one.

Lisa said...

He's taking steps! Oh wow. Congrats on the going to bed without a fuss. I have a 4-year-old who STILL can't do that!

pharmgirl said...

As long as you have the ridiculous TV, why not pick up a ridiculous baby monitor too? We picked up a video monitor this time around and it ROCKS! Ours is the "Summer" brand (they are not all good) and it was about $100 at Babies R Us. You will never walk into baby's room prematurely! You can SEE them! But..HA HA! They can't see YOU! We can even get reception on our neighbor's front porch!