November 21, 2005

What sort of monkey is THAT?

That would be a Howler Monkey. You’d be howling too if you were having such a bad hair day yourself.

Well, the little guy is definitely getting fussier - just as the 30 day warranty period from the hospital has expired, of course. No exchanges or returns on THIS model, for sure. I keep telling X that at least he isn’t colicky - it’s all about perspective, right? Fortunately, when we finally can get him down for the night, he is a pretty good sleeper. Regardless of which time we go to bed, he starts squawking for food at around 1 am, then around 4 am, then finally around 6:30 am - the past two nights he has actually skipped the 1 am feeding. Believe it or not, I can survive on this schedule. Although I am getting a little loopy and emotional from the sleep deprivation, I am not completely insane yet, which makes all the difference. The hard part is if I would just nap during the day, life would progress much more smoothly. However, I am NOT a napper - never have been. I HATE sleeping in the middle of the day.

Anyway, I am still compiling Assvice and realized that since I will be receiving a new batch of goodies this Thursday, I should wait til next Monday to post it. I am a little nervous about this Thanksgiving - it is my first one in my new role as a mother. Now, I have entered a new level in the familial hierarchy - one in which I am no longer important and the kid has superceded me. It also has opened the door to brand-new criticisms, judgements, and comments. To make things extra Gooey Fun this year, Normal Olathe Grandma invited Crazy Leavenworth Grandma to our Thanksgiving shindig. The minute CLG heard there was going to be a TALENT SHOW, she started polishing her guitar. Put it this way - I am actually READING THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL TO MY CAMCORDER. This MUST be recorded for posterity’s sake.

So, while I am looking foward to one of my favorite holidays, I am also a little trepid with dragging the kid. I will have to make sure that he is wearing a hat AND socks (even though he will be sweating up a storm) and that his ribs aren’t showing too much from my starving him. In my family, mothers can do no right. I have watched for years as my own mother bore these comments on her own mothering skills. I am also nervous about the whole "passing of the baby" - everyone is going to be pawing at "my precious". I am not a germo-phobe by any means - for example, the Shopping Cart Condom was NOT on my baby registry. I just don't relish the kid getting his first cold just yet.

The Moral of the Story:
When I get too anxious about my family, I remember Anne. In my early college years, I had a co-worker named Anne. We had absolutely nothing in common, and certainly didn’t hang out socially . I’ll go out on a Snobby Limb and declare that she was really quite boring. However, despite all the people that I DID hang out with at that particuar job, she is the one I remember to this day, nearly 15 years later. Every holiday, I am reminded of her. Why? Anne had no family whatsoever. She was an only child, her parents were only children -- any other distant relatives she have had were long deceased. As someone who grew up with a large extended family, this was shocking to me. Most holidays were spent agonizing over the schedule of how I was going to make it to 3-4 places within a 24 hour period of time (luckily, having the largest house myself now affords me the luxury of inviting everyone to visit ME). Anyway, hearing Anne's story made me appreciate my obnoxious, over-bearing, and judgemental family. And this is why I have to remember Anne at the beginning of every holiday season. They drive me apeshit, but at least I have them. sigh

Have a great Thanksgiving! I really DO enjoy the holidays and Thanksgiving in particular. It's like Christmas, but without all the commercialism of buying gifts and such.

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