October 10, 2006

Would you mind if I get specifically random?

Rancid Tidbits from a Rancid Life:

  • Arun's two top teeth are coming in. Look for loads of Gummy Smile pictures this week as they will be the last EVER for my baby boy. Sob.

  • In a similar vein, have I mentioned that my BABY BOY is turning ONE year old next week? Sob.

  • I took X to the airport today for his flight to India. Sob.

  • On the way to the airport, X mentions the M-Word. The Filthy Word that always strikes terror in my heart ........MOVING..... No, it won't happen for awhile - just call me the Girl That Cried !Virginia! because I have been threatening my Friends and Family with this concept for nearly 6 years now. But still, why did he have to utter the M-Word just as he is leaving the COUNTRY for an entire week? Doesn't he understand why I am loathe to leave my Friends and Family? Oh. Right. India. Um. Okay. Sob.

  • The Faux Fair Isle hat that I knitted? Too small. The bright side is that Alliclaus now gets a new hat and it is utterly ADORABLE on her little hairy noggin but still.......Sob.

  • Yesterday, I went to Beanology and got a yummy cup of joe. Hopped out to the car, strapped Arun into his seat and took off. Almost immediately, I heard a THUMP! and noticed trickles of coffee on my window. Sob.

  • Last night, I washed my car.......ahem.....but TODAY it is raining. Sob.

  • When I was "working", I hated marching to the drum of The Man and most assuredly, prefer the cadence that "staying" home with Arun provides. I also appreciate having the ability to take little slices of time to DO THINGS and LIVE. Tonight, we took a walk outside in the rain with the umbrella. I can't remember the last time I did that in my Prior Life, I was always rushing around somewhere. We went in no particular direction - we just enjoyed the cars splashing by and hearing the rain beating on the umbrella. Absolutely beautiful. Peaceful. Sob. But in a Good Way. I might be sniffling around right now, but I haven't lost sight of the Big Picture. It's pretty damned awesome.


Lord Licorice

He looks like a gangster from Candyland.


Flybunny said...

OMG - that picture is awesome and I snorted at gangster from Candyland - too funny!

You have such a great perspective on life - it is refreshing. I am trying to take a page out of your book!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I feel for you with Daddy gone. I feel so bad I think you need to send that baby over to me for some hugs!

Staying home is such a treat. I really enjoyed it, too.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Cagey, those have to be the biggest hazel-green-brown eyes on a baby ever. Just when I think he can't get any prettier you go and stick a little alterna-hat on him.

Jiminiy cricket, once he figures out how to widen them deliberately rather than accidentally all of y'all are going to be in trouble...

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Incidentally, while I sympathise with you on the "how is my baby growing up before my eyes...so fast!"...my co-worker's child is about 7 months older than Arun and she tells me she can't believe how each new developmental stage makes him so much more fun than before.

Modern Day Hermit said...

Random is fun (Random Ramble, my middle name), so have at it!

Hooray for One! Sad, yet kickass at the same time.

Have y'all tried Skype? I have to admit, I use it for *ahem* video game play, haha. But, it's free Skype to Skype www.skype.com

Oh man, I LOVE that pic! That is priceless! I wish I could get some really good shots of my boy, I think I need a new camera.

Do you ever think of all the wonderful things you'd do when the hubster is gone, only to mope around when he leaves? I used to always do that. Although, I have to admit I do grow fond of the spotless home when a certain someone wasn't home (not to say I don't want him there, just as a disclaimer, haha).

Walking in the rain - jealous. I almost freak out when that wet stuff falls from the sky ;). hehe

Too many haha, hehe and !!!! in Phoenix.

CPA Mom said...

Virginia? Are you moving near me? Sweet Jesus, I'd better start cleaning now.

I hear you on the airport sob. My husband leaves at 4 am tomorrow for four days. Not to India, but still. Four days alone with two preschoolers. Sob!

scribbit said...

He's got the greatest eyes! A real cutie.