October 24, 2006

Without Hope, what else is there?

I failed to mention I am not going to DC/VA/WhatEVER this week. Contrary to all the awfully nice emails wishing me a "good trip". X has to come back to KC earlier than we thought, so it didn't work out for Arun and I visiting him. I am hoping to go in November. It has made for some nice Family Time at the airport because in a bout of Spousal Love, I offered Airport Pickup. On Friday, his flight was delayed so Arun and I hung out at the airport with him. Escalators are an underappreciated resource in the way of Entertainment Mileage, folks.

Also, I'd like to give a special shout-out to Jesus for making those nice sippy cups that come with a STRAW. My boy likes 'em and to boot, it provides a better fit for his Kirkland Smoothie/Soymilk Combo than a traditional sippy cup. Thanks, Jesus!


Because someday, somehow and somewhere, I WILL SHAVE MY PELT* AGAIN.

*I totally stole the word "pelt" from Monkey. Like DUDE, she's a real lawyer and all that shit. I don't want her suing my white ass for plagiarizing a WORD from her.


Flybunny said...

What a beautiful bracelet!

I love that picture of Arun - it is precious and completely off topic, I started reading a Nancy Drew book to my daughter and it has an elephant named Arun in it so of course your beautiful non-elephant child popped into my head. I even told Audrey I would show her the cutest Arun in the world and she is excited.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Nice sparkly! I am a gold whore, I'll admit it.

haha, it's not thievery till you filch "pelt belt" from me and even then I'd let it slide for you.