October 29, 2006

How about just plain old Boo? Hiss?

I met my friend R, her daughter K and my sister with her kids at the Boo at the Zoo event on Saturday. While I felt like I was totally exploiting my kid for a chance at Sugar and Red No. 40, the treats were GOOD. Like Twinkies, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and OMIGOD, Almond Joys, that veritable Sugary Trinity of chocolate, coconut and almonds. If you haven't ever done a Boo at the Zoo event, I can't recommend it enough- particularly if you are a Halloween Nut. I have gone to it even before I was a parent and it was just as much fun then. It's crazy to see all the costumes and yes, I'll admit I had fun in my Professor McGonagall outfit.

In other news, Operation Take Back the House, a venture where I attempt to gain control over the growing clutter by sorting through every closet, cabinet, drawer and storage bin in our house is going at an AWESOME rate. I finished the garage on Saturday and X's office today. The garage had gotten out of control, which started about 8 months ago when X's company's Kansas City corporate apartment was let go and someHOW, we ended up stuck with some other folk's SHIT including a set of GOLF CLUBS. WTF? This totally violated my very strict policy regarding my garage that mandates we be able to actually PARK OUR CARS in it. Yeah, I'm a picky bitch like that - expecting to park my CARS in my GARAGE - Who Am I? Anyway, my goal for Operation Take Back the House is to be completed by the end of November, but at this rate, I will be done sooner. Look for Exciting!Updates! all November because after all, I will be posting EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

I would be remiss not to address the fact that there has been a slew of negativity emanating in the Blogiverse, particularly aimed at the Mommybloggers. I'd like to take a moment and say thank you to everyone who comes by this little neck of the Blogiverse to read or to say "hi" or to just offer encouraging words. I am not a Power Blogger and probably never will be. I do this blog primarily for ME because it's FUN. While it doesn't bother me if others accept advertisement, I specifically decided a month ago to not participate in such a venture after having a heart-to-heart with myself. I hesitate to do anything whatsoever that may make this blog feel like WORK - I did do a business once with a hobby and it was a bit of a disaster because I ended up HATING the hobby (this is also why you literally can't pay me to knit). Anyway, if blogging is only a hobby, then the minute it stops being fun, I can close shop and pull out, right?

However, that's easier said than done - it's because of everyone coming by here that this has remained fun for me. To boot, I have made some incredible friends because of blogging. So, I have a hard time seeing a future where I don't keep a blog. I also have a hard time seeing a blog where I don't share pictures of my kid and my life. I do understand why other parents may stop posting pics of their children. We all have to do only what we are comfortable with doing. I could go on and on and on stating why I don't think it is a problem to post pictures of Arun, but I am not going to. Every parent's perspective is unique to their situation. In short, I don't think I am exploiting him or exposing him to danger by posting pictures, since this blog is a way that I share what's going on in my life with my friends and family. I think Arun and I are in far greater danger every time we go to the mall, go to Target or drive in the wrong part of town. Just as we had to when we went to the Zoo on Saturday.

Anyway, I did want to thank you - all my friends and family - for reading this blog.

Give peace a chance.


Modern Day Hermit said...

I, too, find real life to be equally, if not more dangerous than being online. There are weirdos everywhere, that is for certain.

I don't understand people who complain about blogs and go out of their way to devote time and energy to let everyone know how much they hate certain people. It seems like a waste of energy, of course, I'm usually quite conscious of time management, haha.

Some people are just sad, really.

Anywho, I hate to dwel and to leave with a positive...

Your Zoo event sounds fantastic! I feel like such a sloth when it comes time to take Alex to such events. How wonderful! I love the midwest in the fall. *sigh*

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I think they were making lime-infused Almond Joys at one point. I quite liked them but I'm one of the Almond Joy/Mounds loving freaks.

My fave drugstore candy is still all Canadian though-Coffee Crisp, Aero Bars and the like.

Wordnerd said...

I'm hungry for candy now.

Cagey said...

I love Halloween so it wasn't the ultimate sacrifice, that's for damned sure. For example, I don't see us waiting patiently in line for Santa come December. Yawn. Truly, I am a selfish sort when it comes to parenting.

Lime-infused Almond Joy? That sounds so odd that it might just work. I wonder if they are still around.

ME TOO. I almost cried when X shared my last mini Almond Joy with Arun. There were only two and I was saving it for today.

dorothy said...

Totally agree, and even though I do run ads (I know you weren't targeting anything at me), I still don't feel bad posting about the little angel. She's a part of my life and my life experience, which is what I use for my personal blog. I think we'd be losing out if everyone stopped sharing their valuable experiences and perspectives.

Cagey said...

I agree, being a parent is part of the sum of LIFE experiences. It's who I am. My doctor phrased it best "I've been many things over my life - a daughter, a student, a wife, a mother, a student again, and now a doctor. I can't wait to see what I'll be NEXT." Words to live by.

re: Ads - I really don't care if people have them or not. I was just trying to clarify that blogging is a hobby for me and that I've made careful decisions to that end - that's all. The minute it's not fun, I'll pull it all down. I think when people hit the level of Power Blogger, it becomes more difficult to close shop - there are more ramifications to shutting it sll down if you are a Power Blogger.

Diana said...

I agree with the blogging for fun thing. If I don't feel like doing it, I don't and take a few days away. I'd start to resent it if I felt I had to.

Almond Joys rock. There's a pet store that gives Mounds bars out. We frequent it solely because of this. That and the people are terribly nice. Guess that goes with the whole giving out of the candy thing.

Cagey said...

Whenever I have a Mounds bar, I feel totally cheated. I guess I like me some nuts.hee hee

re: blogging - I have to be careful because of my personality to not take blogging too seriously. Every now and then, I need a "sound check" to make sure I am still enjoying it. This is precisely why I am doing NaBloPoMo- I am excited to use the excuse of posting every day to put some inane, fun crap out there. I can't promise any deep thoughts, but I will reveal my DVR Recordings list. The suspense!!

Modern Day Hermit said...


Oh yeah, baby.


I'm not big on the line to see Santa while the Husband and In-Laws are. I hope that means they'll be taking him ;). RDRR

Lisa said...

I know what you mean about blogging. And yes, some people are really nasty in their views about mommybloggers. I saw something this weekend and wow. Venomous!

Love reading your blog. Hope you stick around too.

Rozanne said...

That sucks that there's a backlash against so-called mommybloggers. I guess I'm unaware of it. I'm wondering if really just another attempt to denigrate and devalue women and the work we do. At any rate, it's bad form to bash other bloggers.

Anyway. The people who happen to be moms whose blogs I read rock--so there!!!!

I also agree that you have little to fear from posting pix of Arun on your blog. I would be sad if you stopped doing it. He's got to be the most photogenic kid on the planet!

alyndabear said...

Nice wording Cagey. As a long time lurker, I just wanted to actually let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog.

So thankyou.


ami said...

Cagey, it's great that you blog just for you - that you're doing something YOU enjoy - despite any ridiculous negativity that may be aimed toward Mommybloggers. I enjoy reading your blog and I'm glad you found a hobby that you enjoy.

CPA Mom said...

It seems that the Super Bloggers are the only ones being targeted so I don't feel in danger of my kids' pics being taken.

I'm glad you will keep putting up pics of Arun. He is so cute!

FFF said...

I loved your sign off line. "Give Peace A Chance" is one of my favorite Beatles songs.

Anonymous said...

I actually found you blog by accident through amalah's site and I've been hooked ever since. Thank you for sharing pictures of Arun with us. He's such a beautiful child.

You zoo trip sounds awesome. Too bad that here in Singapore, Halloween isn't a big thing at all so there's not much going on except where there are lots of expatriates from the US. At least we do get some good candy during the last weeks of October. :)