October 11, 2006

Why are elderly people often called "old people" but children are never called "new people"?

So, X made it to India. All along the journey, I received sweet little emails with subject titles like "Leaving Memphis", "Made it to Amsterdam", "In the Hotel". Sweet because it shows how he appreciates that I was worried about him. If you have never traveled to a place like India, it is hard to explain the black hole that sucks your Loved One up into a weird Time Vortex. At least this trip, I was getting little updates. I remember years ago there were NO updates and the trip culminated in a Hurried, Hideously Expensive phone call shouted frantically over scratchy overseas telephone lines. Yeah, THIS trip was a cakewalk. But I still worry. When your husband has brown-skin and is leaving a country where it is perfectly acceptable for someone to label His People an offensive term like "macaca" and STILL have a shot at the Presidency, I Triple Dog Dare YOU not to fret a little. Anyway.............

We went to visit Great Aunt P today since it is her birthday. She is an easy one to buy for - chocolate, cat treats for the nursing home cat that hangs out with her and Jon Stewart's America book. She is a Political News Junkie who faithfully voted Republican throughout her life until her 70s when she TURNED LIBERAL. How cool is that? Proof that a person can never stop growing, learning and changing. I think in some circles that is referred to as Evolution.

So, for the past few months I have been scouting locales for Winter Entertainment with Arun. We can do the park as long as it is at least 40-50 degrees, but for the bitterly cold days, I will need some indoor entertainment. I noticed while visiting Aunt P that the nursing home will be a PERFECT space for us to visit:

  • Great long hallways perfect for crawling and walking to his heart's content.

  • Arun adores All Things Transportations - wheelchairs, walkers, and oxygen tank carts included.

  • Fishtanks abound within the hallways. A Bonus Birdcage is in one of the lounges.

  • Eager, adoring fanbase where ever he wanders. Seriously! A baby in a nursing home is treated like a ROCKSTAR.

  • No dangers of him getting kidnapped. The "inmates" (as Aunt P calls 'em) certainly couldn't get away fast enough, certainly couldn't even LIFT Arun, and best of all, certainly don't know the Super Secret Passcode that operates the Exit door. I think I've struck Entertainment Gold, folks.

On a serious note, it was a nice visit and I know Aunt P enjoyed it. I've never understood why people are so afraid of nursing homes. Yes, a nursing home isn't my favorite place to visit, but they aren't that bad. And Old Folks? Hello! I aspire to BE one someday since a Dirt Nap Alternative isn't nearly as appealing - I'll take growing old, thankyouverymuch.

Rancid Random Rumination: Wow. Now that I am watching nearly every TV show I record in High Definition, I have to say that I am feeling some pity for some of the folks out there on TV. I suspect more than a few of them are as misty-eyed for the Days of Soft Focus Yore as much as I am. Yikes.


Shalini said...

I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am that you have a great aunt that is reading John Stewart's book. How cool is she??

Cheryl said...

Just a wondering: Is there a reason one would fly east as opposed to west to get to India? Is it shorter? Easier? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Quick nursing home story for you:

About 5 years ago we moved my Grandfather to KC and put him in a nursing home so that we could visit and help with his care more often. Every year on his birthday, the family would all get together, reserve a meeting room, and have a little birthday party for him. My nephew, who was about 3 at the time, was fascinated by the birds in the large bird cage so we kept taking him over to look at it. As we were pointing and talking about different birds in the cage, we noticed a couple of birds in the back that were just sitting there. We quickly figured out that they were dead and moved on to the fish aquariums. The biggest question in my mind was how long exactly did they leave the dead birds in the cage before somebody else noticed?

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Haha, dude if you think Hi-Def reveals stuff, I could tell you stories of seeing stars and starlets around town and they look rough. What passes for good on camera doesn't necessarily hold up in real life.

My sister saw Jennifer Aniston while she was filming The Breakup in Chicago last year (she and my bro live in Gold Coast) and apparently she is totally haggard and smokes like a chimney. I think she's very pretty on screen though, gorgeous eyes.

Are you and Arun orchard bound anytime soon? I think we need pics of your little howl-o-ween baby in a punkin patch. Plus, entertainment mileage out of plucking fruit and throwing it.

Diana said...

I love your Aunt P. Over the past 10-15 years, both my parents and my step-mom have 'evolved' into liberal or ultra-liberal enlightened ones. My step-dad hasn't but he was a hippie in his youth and has stayed pretty even throughout. He's the most conservative by far.

I find myself alternately frightened and pleased by the extreme number of facial warts, bumps and zits on such beautiful people. HDTV and HD DVD, you've certainly changed my viewing pleasure.

Rozanne said...

What's a Dirt Nap Alternative?

So with HDTV can you see blackheads and crow's feet larger than life?

As if actors aren't insecure enough. Still...I'd like to know who looks particularly bad. Wanna give a few examples?

Cagey said...

When you live in Kansas City, it is easier to go East - there are many, many flights going to India out of Europe and the Middle East, therefore you have many, many more options for airlines. Going West is trickier because I think the big connections are places like Hong Kong and Singapore. Then, your flight options are more limited.

Dirt Nap Alternative is my fancy way of saying Death.

Hmmm, what comes to mind are Sally Field and the gal having the affair on Brothers and Sisters. James Wood isn't that hot, either. The character Catherine on CSI needs some help, too. Even Sara looks pretty haggard. Nick? Not so hot in HD. In general, it is definitely old age that shows up most in HD. Professional sports? All of the coaches and announcers are pretty hideous!