December 20, 2012

Literally Literary: THE OBVIOUS GAME by Rita Arens

"Literally Literary" is a feature in which I write about books, reading and more books. My hope is the post title will provide a subtle hint that I am posting about BOOKS. For those of you where the topic of books results in narcoleptic fits thereby causing you to faceplant onto your keyboard, this will allow you to just click away from the horror that is the written word. Also, I simply adore the word "literally", it is literally my favorite adverb. Bonus points if pronounced with a Rob Lowe/Parks n' Recreation affectation.

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Several years ago, my friend Rita Arens put a request out for someone to read a draft of her novel.  I happily accepted and I read the draft.  After I read it, we had a nice conversation about that draft.  Eventually, that initial draft became something else and Rita found a publisher. That "something else" is her young adult novel, THE OBVIOUS GAME, which will be released February 7th!!

I can't wait to read the THE OBVIOUS GAME  -- Rita has said THE OBVIOUS GAME is quite different than the draft I read, which will make even more exciting for me to read so I can compare and contrast.

Also,  Rita has written a post about the cover reveal and has included an excerpt.

Congratulations, Rita!!!

There is a Rafflecopter giveaway for a copy of the book open to US, UK and Canada residents. Good luck!


Rita Arens said...

I can't even remember what the draft you read looks like, but I know it was before I cut 10k words and changed a ton of subplot. I hope you like the new version better, literally! :) Thanks for posting for me and being such a good friend and beta reader.

jodifur said...

Rita wrote a book! I remember her blogher panel a few years ago when she was talking about the book! I cannot wait to read it!