September 7, 2011

Love Scene (Version 6)

Pink Floyd, Zabriskie Point (Extended 1997 Release)

It's Wedding Week here at Rancid Raves! (Part 1 is here)

By the end of the day, Arun had collected a snail, more than one caterpillar and a myriad of leaves, pods and seeds.  Thank the little baby Zeus for Oxyclean.

I just loved this shot of my dad dancing with Anjali and Alaina.  I know some folks get snarky and nasty with the entire "wearing a kilt" thing, but my dad did the research into our family to get the appropriate tartan.  He loves wearing the kilt and feels completely comfortable doing so.

Furthermore, he looks quite handsome.

All the naysayers can bite me.

Double-fisting the drink.  We were so proud.

We did get the long-awaited cousin shot that my dad has spent years asking for..  This was the best snap of the bunch.

Better luck next wedding?  Sigh.

Nobody got tagged the entire day by the tire swing.  Folks, that is what you call a goddamned miracle.


Moderndayhermit said...

Everyone looks stunning, your Dad looks incredibly handsome! It looks like a great time.

MLE said...

It looks like everyone had a fantastic time! Congratulations to your sister and new brother-in-law.