September 2, 2011

Fridays of Intestinal Fortitude:
'Til Death Do Us Part

Note: Fridays of Intestinal Fortitude is a weekly feature about food, food and more FOOD. No, I do not necessarily want to be a food blogger, but I do LOVE to talk about food prep, cooking food, eating food and making sweet love to food. Okay, maybe not the "sweet love" part. After all, this is not meant to be an homage to 9 1/2 Weeks.


My sister Maureen is getting married tomorrow.  Besides the whole "joining her life partner for eternity" bit, I am really excited about the cake.


I am not normally a Sweets Person, I am more of a Salty, Savory Person (add Spicy to that, while you are at it.)  But man, oh man, wedding cake???  I am so THERE.  The only problem is that I love a traditional white wedding cake with buttercream frosting.  It breaks my heart when couples choose Fancy Pants Flavors for their cake. No, actually I feel cheated.    I buy a gift, get all dressed up and you serve me Fancy Pants Flavored cake???  Sure, it's supposed to YOUR special day, but what about me and MY needs, dammit?

So, you can imagine my relief and utter joy when Maureen told me that not only would she be serving white wedding cake, but also that the cake is coming from Muncher's Bakery in Lawrence, KS.


One of my favorite memories from my own wedding is our cake.  And to give you an indication of what sort of bride I was, I simply called the baker and ordered a "plain white cake with 3 tiers and buttercream frosting.  Decorate it however you want, I don't care."  We were married in New Hampshire and had the reception at the Mt. Washington Hotel.  I did the majority of the planning via phone.

Furthermore, at the actual reception,  I laughed when the cake started to list.  It began to tilt under the weight of the cake topper and so we had to quickly cut n' serve, lest it tip on over.  And I laughed at it all because I thought it was hilarious.

Because it WAS hilarious.  If the worst thing to happen at my wedding would be my cake falling over, then I consider that to be a grand success.

And let's not talk about the massive amounts of champagne I consumed after the cake.  Because that wasn't pretty.  Particularly, hiking in the Flume Gorge the next day with a Champagne Headache FROM HELL.

Welcome to your new life, you lush.

What about you?  
Do you like your wedding cake traditional white or do you prefer Fancy Pants Flavors?


Average Jane said...

I barely remember your wedding cake because I was so strung out on Benadryl that whole trip, but it sounds like exactly the kind of wedding cake I like. You can save the fancy flavors for other occasions.

Melanie said...

My cake was very traditional... I am with you on the white cake and buttercream, I get depressed when I see cakes covered in fondant and I make cakes! I get that its easier for the cake decorator to cover a cake in fondant and it looks all smooth and perfect, but I do not believe you should have to chew (and chew) your icing.... sure there is a little bit of buttercream under the fondant, but you often lose most of it trying to peel the chemical tasting fondant off the cake. I was not a typical bride either, I let my attendants pick out their own dresses in the color they decided upon, I told my florist to do whatever she thought would look good, etc.. I don't regret the easy mostly stress free way I went about it!

MLE said...

We had a chocolate/chocolate/raspberry jam 1/2 sheet cake, a white/white/lemon 1/4 sheet cake, and a princess cake for cutting. From a local bakery, it all cost around 100 bucks, fed all 75 of our wedding guests, and there were approximately 3 pieces of chocolate and 1 piece of white cake leftover the next morning.

My only preference when it comes to wedding cake is that it isn't covered in fondant. Because that stuff isn't edible.

(Also, hooray for wedding photos! Your dress was gorgeous.)

Me said...

I liked your wedding, and cake, a lot. Fond memories of the last alcohol I had before I found out I was preggo with Nate. That was some killer champagne. :-)

tulika said...

First of all, cute wedding pics! Our wedding cake was white cake with different fillings for each of the 3 tiers. I NEEDED buttercream frosting though. That's the best part. Yum! Wishing someone was getting married in my family, now I'm craving wedding cake.

Don't know if you've ever watched the TV show Little Britain or Little Britain USA, but there's a character named Marjorie Dawes that your reference to "CAAAAAAKE" totally reminded me of: "I like cake, gimme some cake!" I can't find the actual episode I'm thinking of, but that's kind of the gist.

Anyway, hope you have fun at the wedding and have an extra piece for me : )

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Sorry, I stopped reading your post because your dress is GORGEOUS and you looked awesome in it. Were you going for a modernized medieval look or did that just happen?

Olivia said...

I didn't even plan to have a cake at my wedding. However, my mother surprised us with a few decorations, a bouquet and a cake. It was white with butter cream and decorated with flowers. The topper was just big, frosting flowers. I think one of the layers has raspberry jam in it. I loved that cake.

Fondant looks pretty, but I don't like the taste at all. And I like cake I won't feel bad about cutting into.

Unknown said...

Yay for laid back brides! It's what I aspire to be!

I haven't been to too many weddings but I do prefer buttercream over fondant, and I do not like raspberry filling. I'd like to make my own cake, ala Smitten Kitchen style but I realize that might not be possible as a bride. We'll see!

jules said...

I love any and all cake, except for coconut. I didn't have a wedding cake. We opted for a desert table instead. Cheesecakes in different flavors, chocolate torte, etc. I don't remember seeing a picture of your man before, and HOLY Cute, Batman!

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

I am loving all of these comments! Fun!

YES, I love, LOVE Little Britain. The whole CAAAAKE reference was just a fun coincidence, although I can't deny that maybe it got buried in my subconscious.

I didn't plan on the modern medieval. Really what happened is that I don't like strapless gowns and it was ridiculously hard to find a gown with sleeves.

Amanda said...

I with everyone else on the whole fondant bit. I, too, feel cheated when there isn't buttercream. I was into my cake. I had to have a square one, with the middle tier tilted at an angle, then have it all decorated with fresh flowers. Turned out gorgeous and yummy! Enjoy Maureen's wedding and your cake!

LoriB said...

I am definitely a fan of white wedding cake with buttercream. During my wedding planning I went to one bridal show with the sole goal of finding the best tasting white wedding cake.