September 6, 2011

Love Scene (Version 4)

Pink Floyd, Zabriskie Point (Extended 1997 Release)

Welcome to Wedding Week at Rancid Raves....

My sister Maureen got married this past weekend.

It was such a lovely, fun wedding full of laughter, tears, wine, music and rain.

Let me rephrase that - it was such a lovely, fun OUTDOOR wedding full of laughter, tears, wine, music and rain.


Team Chaos was stylin' and profilin'.  When Arun tried on his tux for the first time, he exclaimed, "I look like a DAD!!!!!!"

The wedding was held at the Williams House in Lawrence KS.    A gorgeous location.

It started to pour rain just as Maureen and my dad started to walk down the path.  The entire ceremony was conducted in the rain.  However, we Oliver Sisters just don't sweat weddings and Maureen had such a sweet, positive attitude.  She didn't let it ruin her day, that's for sure.  And the reception was mostly under a tent.  Which helped.

As did the Oliver wine.

Arun got to spend an entire day with his favorite cousin Brendan.  An ENTIRE DAY.  He was on Cloud 9, folks.

A lobbyist wearing a pin-striped seersucker apparently did a Marty McFly from 1850 Louisiana in order to join us present-day  Seriously, LOVE THE SUIT.

The mad scientist from Jurassic Park took a break from wrangling dinosaurs to join us.  The guy in the kilt double-fisting drinks?  None other than MY DAD.  Clan Frasier, represent!  And yes, there is a bone-handled knife tucked into his sock.  In case we are attacked by a roving band of wild-turkeys.  Or Democrats..

Lookin' good, Mr. Kotter!

Anjali has obsessed about this wedding the entire year.  The cake had purple flowers, per her "instructions" but there was no ice sculpture as she had so hoped there would be.

Alaina and Anjali gained a new cousin-in-law this weekend.  We gained a new brother-in-law (a brother-in-law who dated Maureen long enough to know what it means to be marrying an Oliver.  No excuses, Brian.)

And we couldn't be happier.

Congratulations, Maureen and Brian.  May your basement always be filled with potatoes.

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Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding. Congrats to your sister!