February 14, 2011

Your Possible Pasts

Pink Floyd The Final Cut, 1983

"If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around." - Love Actually

For Valentine's Day, Manoj bought me a Kindle, a long lusted-after gadget. I bought a few e-books, including a cheesy romance novel. For him, I bought some nice whiskey and his favorite expensive cheese. Essentially, everyone wins in this scenario.

We are a not a gushy, romantic couple.  And I am fine with that - I have had romance and it was nice.  Sometimes even sweet.  One of my favorite Valentine's Days involved a surprise romantic meal at the now defunct Fifi's Restaurant in Lawrence KS.  It involved red roses and wine and whispered sweet-nothings.  Truly it was a beautiful, simply lovely Valentine's Day.  However, I really do not miss that relationship, without going into too many details, let us just say that it was not healthy for anyone involved. 

 To be sure, I really prefer what I have now - a relationship that is honest, faithful and solid. Even if it includes geeky gadgets instead of roses.

Tonight, I am going to pick up some pizza and salads from Spin!, a fun bottle of wine and we are going to snuggle in at home with the Team of Chaos.   We will probably watch some TV and play Donkey Kong Country Returns as a family.  

I would rather be nowhere else.


Melanie said...

glad you got your gadget!!! I just found out that mid-continent libraries has started doing ebooks.... so now I have one on my wish list too!

Christine said...

For Valentine's Day I would like a husband who does not research life cycle assessments and sustainability, and who has thusly decided no on e-readers for me. I got some tamales from the best place in town, though, and that's pretty good.

Anjali said...

The Kindle will be your next great love...I can't ever part with mine!

Olivia said...

Well, you at least exchange gifts so I think you are more romantic than us. My husband gets a silly card, and I get dinner at my fave Mexican restaurant. Our toddler will be there, so I don't think there will be much whispering of sweet nothings. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Big, Bad, Blonde Bahu said...

At the same time that I want a Kindle, I would be in danger of dropping it in the bathtub. *SIGH*