February 10, 2011

Run Like Hell.

Pink Floyd, The Wall 1979

A few weeks ago, I skittered through the Kansas City Groundhog Run 5k with Dee (speaking of Dee - today is her birthday! Happy birthday, Dee!)  When I mentioned I was doing this 5k, more than one person  expressed shock that I am a "runner".  Um.  No need to be shocked.  I am not a runner.  I just need to exercise and signing up for a 5k was a great way to force my flabby rump out the door at 7am on a bitter, frigid Sunday morning in February.  In that same vein, I will be signing up for Lawrence's Shamrock Shuffle.  There are also a few runs in April that look interesting - the Kansas City Trolley Run and the Dorothy Dash 5k here in Olathe.  Although, it might be reaching a bit, linguistically, to use the word "dash" any time I am "running".

This is one of the narrowest passages - this is an industrial, underground complex that can accomodate rather large trucks.  The hardest part of the run was mental - the tunnels are quite mindless to run through and I was pretty bored by mile 2 (besides tired. Ahem.)  Thank goodness, Dee was there to keep things interesting!

Before the "race", I went to pick up my running packet at the Ward Parkway Mall and we came across a special event held for Harvesters.  Folks doing HUGE sculptures made out of cans.

Angry Birds?  How about Hungry Birds?

Seriously, amazing.  The birds.  Not my "running".


Kelly said...

Hudson has now decided that he wants a "mad birds" bomb bird birthday cake after checking out the pictures!

I got him the horribly overpriced stuffed pigs and birds as a birthday present.

kreed said...

Yeah, Okay, I questioned your "running"...but as I explained, that was because you had never mentioned running. I know you exercise regularly and go to the gym, but most runners tend to mention that they run. A lot. Or at least it seems like they mention it a lot because what I hear in my head is "I love to run and you are a lazy, non-running bum", so I tend to remember the "running" people! Anyway, are you going to do it again next year or did you have your fill of caves?

Unknown said...

Wow. Those are amazing. So cool.

Good job on running the 5k. I'm thinking of doing a mini-tri this spring, but I'm having a hard time getting to the gym with a screamy full on toddler.

LuAnn said...

Good on you about the running. If you want someone to run with, let me know.

Anonymous said...

I have this dash. It's called The Turtle....dash.

think about it.

jodifur said...

Michael would die over those displays.