February 2, 2011

Wot's... Uh the deal?

Pink Floyd, Obscured by the Clouds 1972

So, the Midwest got slammed by a wee bit of snow.   Again.   My part of the Kansas City Metro got 12 inches.

That's what she said.

In the Jan 19th round of snow, a few weeks back, I had done groceries beforehand, but as I was unpacking them, I realized I had forgotten sunflower seeds.  My heart sank but at that point, it had already started snowing, I had trouble getting into our driveway as it was and I did not want to drag the kids back out.  Truly - my sunflower seeds are serious business.  I have mentioned my addiction to seeds, but it is hard to explain. First, it began when I was about 8 years old - one of my fondest childhood memories is a Saturday afternoon spent with a new packet of Fisher sunflower seeds, a newly checked-out library book and a tall glass of orange juice.

There are a few rules of sunflower seeds:

  1. I only eat them if they are in the shell (no kernels!  bleh.) 
  2. Over the years, I discovered they store best in the freezer, so they do not go rancid.  
  3. I have a special set of bowls for eating at home, I have another set of bowls specifically for travel (say, if I go to a tea shop and hang out for awhile. Or, if I go on vacation.  Yes, vacation.)  And yes, I said "set" - one bowl is for the seeds, the other for the shells as I am eating.   No one else and I mean NO ONE ELSE is to use either of these sets.
  4. My favorite brand rotates as the quality is not always consistent - for a long time, I was a Fisher girl, for awhile I was into Frito Lay, then into David's.  Lately, I have found Dakota Style seeds to be consistent in their quality.  

When I went to Pakistan in 1993 for 6 weeks, I carefully packed 5 pounds worth of sunflower seeds.  My friends laughed at me, but even with 5 pounds worth of seeds, I ran out before the trip was over.    The country of Pakistan did not have sunflower seeds in 1993.

Trust me.

When I have a lot of intense reading to do, my seeds are a must.  And with this new job, I am doing a lot of research and am plowing through more seeds than usual.  During that January 19th storm, the thought of having no seeds just before a snow day?  Had me desperate.  Near tears, I called Manoj and begged him to run through a convenience store to pick me up some - anything - David's, Frito Lay, anything.  Sweet baby Buddha, the man did not question me and brought home seeds.

Good grief.  I just wrote an entire post about my ardent love for the sunflower seed.

Wait - there is hope. This can post can be saved!  Let us talk about garlic. Something else I am serious about.   Because that was the other thing I ran out of in the January 19th snowstorm.  I normally buy 2-3 bulbs of garlic at a time and keep it in my special Franciscan Apple garlic keeper (the other thing I am serious about - my Franciscan Apple dishes.)  During the last snow storm, we ran out of garlic.  Folks, life is too damned short without freshly pressed garlic.

Needless to say - this past Monday, I grabbed several bags of sunflower seeds and a few bulbs of garlic.  Because I have priorities.

What are you serious about when it comes to the thought of being stranded in your house for a few days?

Mid-Storm - Norm the Gnome is holding onto his hat.

Norm's valiant efforts are in vain.

Snorkle masks, not just for coral reefs.  Surf's up, DUDE.  (Make note of the fact that we have TWO red flower pots. This is important later.)

Snow is so pretty, witty and wise from the inside of one's house, no?
We are down to ONE red flower pot now.

We used to have front steps.  Huh.


Average Jane said...

I am one of those people who lives the cliche of stocking up on milk before a storm. We've already gone through 3/4 of a gallon in 1 1/2 days, so I'm hoping our driveway gets plowed soon so I can get more.

Other than that, I've been rather glad that I thought to buy a bag of oranges because they keep me from baking cookies or something else I don't need to be eating.

kristen said...

Cheese, but not to the level of your addiction. As far as nonfood items go, library books. Not for me, mind you. I have been know to stop at the library before any foreseeable storm to stock up on books for Caleb. If we are stocked with a variety and large quantity of books we can make it through anything unscathed. Make me read "Curious George Make a Pizza" 500,000 times and there could be bloodshed.

Ha! My word verification was floging. How did it know?

Semele said...

Apples and bananas for my kids. Life never goes well when we're out of those. For me it's Starbucks iced green tea. I've tried to replicate it at home and it's never the same.

I love garlic, but I usually buy the pre-minced stuff in the jar from Christoper Ranch because I'm lazy and hectic when it comes to cooking. Am I missing out? Is it that much better if it's fresh?

Olivia said...

I guess I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl when it comes to snow storms. I figure there's nothing we can't live without for a day or two as long as we have electricity. Our pantry and freezer are always well stocked.

kreed said...

Can't say I stock up for snowstorms, generally, but...

I am so excited to know that you are a sunflower seed addict! I have always enjoyed them, but have recently elevated that love to a nightly sunflower seed fest (it keeps from eating other stuff) and I have been searching for the perfect brand of seed. I am currently on David's (after a brief run-in with Frito Lay after a friend insisted they were the BEST), but am not 100% satisfied. Add to that the fact that I have been know to enjoy a mix of plain with a flavor (Ranch, generally, but I am running through trials of all the other flavors, too. and there are a lot) and I am really discouraged by not finding the perfect seed. I think I have a flavored Dakota, but not the plain. Please advise, sunflower expert - I need the lowdown on the seed!

On the garlic front, I returned to town yesterday to find a JAR of minced garlic in the fridge. Imagine the horror. My husband cooked gumbo and for some unknown reason he bought jarred garlic when there was a perfectly good HOMEGROWN bulb and a half in the garlic keeper. I have obviously failed to pass garlic education 101. I am ashamed.

Sonia said...

I have been close to tears during a big snowstorm or a night when I'm alone with the kids while husband is traveling at the moment I realize I am trapped in a house without peanut butter (creamy, organic many good brands) or good dark chocolate (no waxy Hershey's for me).

I honestly just mentally replaced my freaky obsessive addictions for your's while I read your post. Never got into the shelled sunflower seeds myself, but fly your freak flag high! And they are so good for you too!