May 18, 2010

Great balls of fire, it really was all in my head.

After 2 days of convincing myself that I was over-reacting, after 2 close calls with blacking out and an embarrassing incident where I was trapped at my dentist's office because I was too scared to drive home, I finally convinced myself that perhaps, a visit to the doctor was in order.  My normal doctor was not available, so I saw one in her practice on Thursday.  A doctor who made it clear she thought I was over-reacting and sent me home with a prescription for Zyrtec.  To clear the fluid in my ears.  The same fluid that is there normally because I have problems with my left ear and was diagnosed with a dysfunctional Eustachian tube in the fall of 2000.  Yes, the same ear I have not properly heard out of for nearly 10 years now.  Because of the fluid.  In my ear.

It was almost as if the doctor had not heard the whole "Oh, hey! I smacked my head really hard, saw stars and have nearly black out twice.  Oh, and I am nauseous. And dizzy.  Sometimes, my hearing goes in and out.  And my vision, too."

Yes, I was given a prescription for Zyrtec and no further instructions.  Nothing.

By Friday, I was not feeling better (darn you, Zyrtec!) and told Manoj that I was tired of messing around and just wanted to go the ER. 

And that is what we did.

One CT Scan later and it was determined that yes, I have a mild concussion and that no, there was not any bleeding.  She lives!

So now, we wait.  I am still woozy and just need to sit or lie around (or is lay?)  Yesterday's Costco run was a colossal mistake.  It is so hard to not do anything.  I have read three books in a row now and am feeling increasingly lazy.  Last week, we ate nothing but processed, junk food for 3 straight days (believe me, a post is coming about that culinary disaster.  Bleh)  This week, I am going to concentrate on eating real food, paying attention to the kids and working on Snapgifts stuff.  I need to get better because this is getting old.  And apparently, the only way to really heal the brain is to rest.

Oh, and I gave Anjali a haircut. My friend Susan's daughter has the most beautiful hair and it is because Susan has always given her regular hair cuts.  No wispy, split-end fly-aways strands are to be found on her girl's head and truly, her hair is just beautiful and thick.  I was inspired and decided to take a pair of scissors to Anju's head.  Besides, who can afford a hair stylist now?  The ER doctors will need their pound of flesh very soon..

I am blaming it on the brain injury.  Hair grows, right?


Moderndayhermit said...

I'm glad you are on the mend! How scary, I know it's hard to (what feels like) lazing about but it's necessary.

And, Anjali! Be still my heart, she's such a doll, her hair looks great!

Average Jane said...

You're right, it's "lie," not "lay."

And Anjali's hair looks adorable. You did a great job!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Great haircut-and that's not easy when working with curls!

Hope you feel better soon.

Anjali said...

That's terrible. They should have sent you to the ER RIGHT AWAY!


If that's your first time with the scissors -- you sure did a great job!

Get better!

Christine said...

Being a human doctor just sounds so easy in comparison. Imagine what I could do if my patients could TELL me they're dizzy and blacking out.

Take care of the head. Only one you got.

maya said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! And please feel better soon--it must have been confusing and scary till the docs figured things out.

Cara said...

Oy. I can totally see why you'd be going stir crazy. Does knitting stress the brain?

And, I think Anjali's haircut is adorable.

jodifur said...

She looks adorable!

I have so been there-doctor's appointment and misdiagnosis and no one knows what is wrong.

Feel better.

meno said...

It's so annoying when the doctor will not listen to you and you KNOW something is wrong.

Glad you went to the ER anyway. Any way you can contact the first doctor just to tell her what a boob she is?

Love the haircut.

flybunny said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the haircut!

Glad you are on the mend, that is scary stuff.

I got into a heated discussion with the receptionist at the endodontist who did my gum surgery this week because she would not stop talking and listen to what I was trying to tell her - can't stand it when they wont listen!