September 9, 2009

Socrates and Plato

Every year, a junior high school marching band weaves its way through our neighborhood as they practice for the parade coming this Saturday. Arun was ecstatic as we stood in our yard and watched them pass by. However, the luster was tarnished when he realized the band would not be throwing us any candy. The nerve!

Last night, Arun began drawing on himself with a marker. When I scolded him, X asked what was wrong with it. I simply could not come with a good, snappy answer so I gave up. Now? It looks like Arun just had a consult with a plastic surgeon. Sigh.

Last week, we were at the Target in Lawrence trying to find pants for my skinny nearly 4 year old (Impossible! The pants, not the nearly 4 year old.) I did not think it would hurt to just try on pants right there, instead of hassling with a fitting room. I was digging through pants (Impossible! Really!) and when I turned around, I encountered a half-naked boy attempting to put on a new shirt with which he has become enamored (It had an alien on it, can you blame him?) Little old ladies were passing by snickering at my boy without his knickers on. Frat boys were passing by giving Arun high fives and saying "Be free, man. BE FREE." Me? I was laughing. Yes, I am a bad mothering example. Sue me. It was fucking hilarious.

And yes, we bought the alien shirt.

I carry around a little notebook to jot down the funny things the kids have to say. Here is a mere fraction of what these kids say. Also, keep in mind that neither one of these fools can properly pronounce the L sound and in some cases the R sound.

Anjali, the Three Blind Mice, Theory and Reflection: The farmer cut off the mouse's TAIL- dat not very nice!

Arun, the Master of Food Cleanup: I wipe-ed my mouth but there was still food in the corner of my mouth so then I wipe-ed it with my tongue.

Anjali: Someday, I'm gonna grow up like a big Mama like YOU, Mama. Like YOU!

Arun: What do you want to be for Halloween, Anju?
Anju: I want to be a COSTUME for Halloween, Ah-woon! A COSTUME.
Arun: Anju, that's SILLY.

Hilarity ensues.


Dee said...

I love listening to kids talk to each other. Your two are just adorable! I can't wait until Zach and Evie are having conversations together.

The Gori Wife said...

I used to write all over myself in high school in pen. My mother would always yell at me, but the best reason I ever got was that the pen would seep through skin (and what? I was never told the dire ramifications of that.) I think it was mostly a you-have-to-make-yourself-presentable, imagine-is-important kind of protest, which I guess has its own place but is probably not that important around a high schooler. Maybe she was just worried they were precursers for lots of tattoos. Which they were not, but I do still write on my hand a lot of the time. I never carry around notepaper, what can I say?

Olivia said...

That just made me wish my daughter was talking already. Soo adorable!

D. Jain said...

What a great post! I'm still laughing! "Be free man, BE FREE."

aibee said...

Your kids are killing mah ovaries. They are EVERYTHING the Sibling Ideal is all about. Are also very pretty. ;)


Hot tip! Whiteboard Markers: they won't wash off upholstery, but they WILL wipe off pretty much everything else. Including your kids.

Mamma Sarah said...

OMG I about peed myself over the "Be Free" comment. Too freakin hilarious. I totally love that last pic!

D. Jain said...

One more thing: a toy that your kids would probably have fun with, and would be great for you too, is a tape recorder. My sister and I used to tape record ourselves playing Barbies or other pretend games, and years later it was HILARIOUS to listen to ourselves. My parents loved it too. Of course, now it would all be digital instead of tapes, but you get the idea!

Me said...

I totally have laughed at my naked kid in Target as well- Target seems to be the place for them to get naked.

I can't believe how much Anju looks like you in that first photo. Uncanny!