September 23, 2009


I would say that I am in a blogging funk, except that is not really it at all. I have actually had the urge to write, but am a little cramped by some misguided, grand existential thinking on my part.  Oh sure, I could put forth some effort into a post about how both the Democrats and the Republicans have driven me into the arms of the Libertarians, but in the end.  Who really cares?  Why waste my time?

Then, I will not.

I suppose I simply have wanted to spend time on me, lately.  Digging my way through piles of junk and sorting it for charity or trash.......Reading my way through a dusty cache of books ........Knitting some woe-begotten, neglected projects (A hat!  A winter hat! Finished before winter, imagine that) .......   Hanging out with Team Chaos .........  Mightily enjoying some new television (Recently, I peed my pants giggling so hard at NBC's new show, Community.)

Living a life, I suppose.

I often struggle with how much of this blogging is real and in my head. Some of it is real - the connections and friendships I have made.  Since blogging , I have added new phone numbers to call with new addresses for sending packages and Christmas cards.  It is not all Alice in Wonderland around here.

But sometimes,  I wonder if am appropriately seeing the folks who are right in front of me.

It is difficult to achieve that perfect balance. But I do know this, when I am offline more, I feel better.  Healthier. Refreshed.

And?  Ready to hop back in.  So, no - this is not the I Quit post.  This is the I Love Blogging post and sometimes, I just need to slow down to appreciate it.

That is all.  Nothing more.

Internet Detoxification Chamber

This is my sanctuary, I rarely take my computer up here.  While this is an old picture, the room still looks virtually the same. Toys scattered everywhere, books piled up. This is where we unwind as a family every night. The kids play quietly and we watch something soothing - usually, Curious George or Shaun the Sheep. I sit in the chair and read or work puzzles. Then, we read a few books and then, Poof!  Out go the lights.

The Electric Chair

This is the Electric Chair - the place where I unwind and recharge. This chair has some history since it was in my Single Girl apartment.  While sitting in it over the years, I read many, many books and knitted many, many scarves.  I wiled away my Saturday mornings in it as I caught up with all my girlfriends via the phone (a land-line, no less. Gasp.)  I chatted on the phone while smoking a pack of cigarettes and working my way through a pot of coffee. On Sunday evenings, I drank wine in it while watching Sex and the City and dreamed Big dreams.

Now, I snuggle with my kids in it.  This where we go during thunderstorms.  I open the windows as far as possible and we watch the lightning.  And we talk.  About nothing.  About everything.

This chair is getting old and rickety.  It is literally falling apart at the joints.

I love this chair.


Melanie said...

I love this post, how true it is, sometimes you have to step away from all the outside connections and work on connecting more with the family.... I struggle with that sometimes...

and I love that your room is your sanctuary...I am currently searching for inspiration because I am determined to use my bedroom for more than just a place to sleep, and it needs some TLC.

Anonymous said...

I have said it before but I think we all blog for such different reasons, as different as the blogs we read are....

I enjoy my time at night blogging or recapping my day, I like having an audience because I feel that it keeps me more honest, especially if that audience is someone who comes over every day and is all your house never looks this messy...on your blog! But I enjoy rereading post about the boys, comparing the boys to Team Chaos as we parents are wont to do.

But like you I have no blogging times, Times when the internet is not on or when even if it is on I'm only accepting emails from The Man ....even if they are bossy like MAKE DINNER I'M HUNGRY!

I'm rambling and catching up and sometimes I feel like our new blog friends only see the parts of us we let them see because we don't take the time toemail them or call because they read our blog anyway..

it's a strange world..but I like it.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I'm happy you're enjoying your life. I'm doing the same. The days when I'm in negotiations with the Union or wrapped up in closings and away from my computer are my FAVOURITE days.

Gori Girl said...

I've been on a bit of blogging break as well - it's relaxing to stop for awhile. :-)

That chair with by the windows looks so amazingly comfortable.