September 15, 2009

DIY Diva

Lately, I have been on a DIY rampage - fixing, tweaking and finally getting some things done around here.  I have completely regrouted and resealed the tile in our guest shower - a shower we have not used for over 2 years because it was leaking into the frocking kitchen.  I have installed several light switches..  I installed 4 new towel rods (the installation of one went seriously wrong and involved ripping a stupid anchor that the previous owner had erroneously  installed and now the wall requires "fixing".  Ahem.)  I still have so much more to do - regrouting, caulking and resealing our master shower.  Installing new outside light fixtures. Replacing another broken light switch (I swear the other light switches are committing hara-kiri in the bright glow of the new, sparkly competition that has been installed lately.)  Patching some drywall here and there.  Stripping some wallpaper. Fixing a screen door. And what is particularly frightening is that I am ticking off things on my To Do list and adding things with a similar frequency - as I marked off the towel rods, I had to add the patching of some drywall. Yes, the list does go on, as it always seems to when it comes to home ownership.

Although, I will admit that I did love purchasing a new drill/driver.   I went with a Ridgid R92008 and I love, love, LOVE it - the integrated clutch and chuck has made my life so much simpler. Power tools always make my heart pitter-pat anyway.  And the kids?  They enjoy going to home improvement stores with me and it sort of counts as an activity for us.  Although, the kids do think those stores are all called Lowe's, regardless of where we are - sorry 'bout that Home Depot.

When we moved into this house, it was a mish-mash of schemes - some gold/brass left over from the original construction in 1989.  Some silver/nickel here and there, a result of the previous owner doing a little DIY himself. However, I am particular to the whole rusted bronze look since I am a 3rd Place kinda gal, .  And so,  when we took over this house in 2004, I had a few light fixtures installed in accordance with Rodin in mind.

Shoot me now, because I have a bathroom that is sporting ALL of these looks.  And it just hit me like a ton o' bricks the other day.

Observe the Mess that is my half bath.

Fixture Fumbles

In case you do not believe that outlet is almond color, I shall provide you with a close-up. Yikes.

Gentle Reader, what the Hell was I thinking????

Okay.  Breathe, Kelli.  Breathe.

I can easily replace the knobs.  Sorta.  Those suckers are expensive and I would need to go ahead and get them for other two bathrooms.

No? Yes? Maybe? Huh?

But the light switch?  I could drop-kick my own ass.  The thinking was to eventually replace all of the drab, almond light switches in the house with the pretty, pretty white ones. In my girlish, light-headed excitement, I forgot about the multitude of outlets that would need to replaced.  And while they are cheap to buy, my time is worth money.  Despite what all the SAHM Cynics would like to think.  So.  It seems I will need to replace the light switch that I just replaced.  Ditto for the kids' room, which is also sporting a bright white light switch and almond outlets.

And the faucet??  I see another DIY workshop in my future, folks.


Melanie said...

I would totally update the vanity knobs.... and i would just do things one bathroom at a time (does it really matter if all bathrooms in the house have the exact same knobs??).... love the towel bar!!! I have so many home improvement projects on my list it is not even funny.....

Keep up the good work!

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

I worry more about updating the knobs downstairs and then the knobs being discontinued/difficult to find by the time I work on the upstairs bathrooms - this is why I did ALL of the towel bars at once.

aibee said...

I love American power outlets. They're all *shockface*, you know? Kind of appropriate, really ;)

Olivia said...

Are you saying the particular knobs you want are expensive, or they are expensive in general? I find them to be one of the least expensive things to replace.

Faucets aren't too expensive either it you don't care much about brand. We got both our bathroom and kitchen faucets recently for about $60 each (the kitchen one was way on sale).

I hate patching drywall though. Don't know why since it's cheap and doesn't require much skill.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

It is a mixture - One? We are on a tight budget right now and knobs are for sheer decoration - as in, it is not like they are leaky or broken. Two? I will need about 20 and that adds up.

Olivia said...

I see where you are coming from. I only needed 5 handles for my single bathroom.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I really like the wall colour, though. That mustard colour is one of my favourite colours to wear. And even though people on HH complain about yellow rooms, I always feel like they look really amazing in sunlight.

Anna said...

Knobs are pricey, but sometimes you can get a deal. Do you have any kind of cut-price DIY warehouses where you're at? We have a chain in Canada called Happy Harry's, and I once got a deal on a bunch of really nice cabinet knobs for $1 a piece.

So awesome to pick away at the list, but it does grow. Especially for those of us with Asian husbands, who seem to lack the DIY gene...

Jen said...

I dunno, I think you've got a theme going there. I'd suggest not having *anything* that goes together -- maybe change out the drawer pulls so that each one is totally different, too.

Think of some great name for this style and sit back and eat bonbons, like a good SAHM. Better yet, come to my house and do the grout -- as many bonbons as you want!

Brad the Builder said...

Interesting read, thanks