August 27, 2009

Let me be clear. Crystal Light clear.
Cripes, now I am thirsty, too.

Thank you for all the words of wisdom on my Birthday party post yesterday. And I would like to stress that I do appreciate and listen to the Kid Free folks. Why would I not? After all, everyone was a kid at some point in his/her life, right?

I should note that Arun is crazy about his cousins and even the so-called "distant" one (they go to school together.) Cousins alone will come to 5 kids. And when I asked Arun who he wanted to invite? He exclaimed, "Everybody!" Obviously, we are working on that.

Believe it or not, I really do not go crazy over the birthday party thing now. Oh sure, his 1st birthday party saw a bit of action, but now? I do not do party favors and I have always requested no gifts. I buy cupcakes and ice cream - invite some kids to come hang out and have fun for two hours. That is it. That first year, I did an activity, but at the nature center, they will do an animal demonstration, so entertainment is taken care of now. The nature center costs $60 and again, that is a steal in my book since it will be less stress for me. Besides, it helps the nature center out - the same center that we use for free all year round.

I see us throwing one blow-out birthday parties for each kid. I was thinking something special for the 10th birthday. Maybe. Just one party, that might be appreciated, one party where they can go crazy. Maybe. Eh. I will probably change my mind.

What I have noticed is this - when I host a party at home for my kids, I spend the entire time beforehand running around, desperately trying to clean and get ready. Then, during the party, I am playing hostess. I want to spend time with my kids at their birthday parties while they still actually want me around. Know what I mean?

Of course, you do.


Melanie said...

just wondering, when you ask for no gifts, do people really do that?? so far when i have asked, its been mostly ignored. just wondering if my peeps are just stubborn or if its the norm LOL

Melanie said...

oh and the nature center sounds like a real bargain, since I am a KC gal can I ask where this is?

CPA Mom said...

we did ONE party at home and I swore never again for all those same reasons.

Olivia said...

The Nature Center sounds like a great deal. I would much prefer doing something like that, within reason, than doing all the work myself. Playing hostess just stresses me out.

Mojavi said...
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Mojavi said...

here is the thing and I am being honest... every year you worry about who to invite and who not to invite... you seriously talk about it for at least a month before every birthday party. Honestly who cares... invite everyone, how much money do you really loose in the long run? How much does 10 extra cupcakes cost or 30 for that matter.. heck throw in two more bags of chips and 10 gallons of juice.. stressing on who to invite to a 4 year olds birthday party is silly. Because bottom line everyone you invite won't show up, and those who do LOVE your kid and that is a beautiful feeling, and who wants to feel guilty about not inviting someone you care about. I mean you do care about them... right... why else stress about it. Blow out parties for a 4 year old involve balloons, cake, and playing... when arun is 18 you won’t be thinking about how much his party cost but you will be looking at the pictures.