August 14, 2009

Favorite Favorites

I had no idea how much I would enjoy reading all of your favorites. Sure, I had fun writing my things down because I am all about me, me, me around here. But your favorites made me remember more of mine. And so, I am going to indulge my ego with some babbling blather about me.

Besides, I would like to end the week on a positive note - I have noticed that I am still a little shaky after having lost the Arun the other night. Yesterday, I lost Anjali for about all of 30 seconds while at a busy crowded mall (Crown Center!) and thought I was going to vomit afterward.

So! More favorites! I am closing comments on this post - please keep commenting on yesterday's post because it will be easier for me to keep track on that post. I am nothing if not lazy.

Also - is this where I mention this is a fabulous opportunity to de-lurk? No offense to lurking, if that's your thing. I mean, I love myself a good lurker, who does not?

And yes, you can comment again for an extra chance to win a spectacular array of old-fashioned, paper-based prizes! They are vintage, no? And no, I am not surprised in the least at the dearth of comments for a prize pack that does not include a damned single thing which requires batteries.

Perhaps, I should throw in a booklight for good measure?


I wish I could have afforded more things for the giveaway, because I would have certainly included a copy of the Sound of Music, one of my all-time favorite movies. It was my first record album, my first CD purchased and my first DVD purchased.

I also wish I could have figured out a way to ship chips n' salsa. Hands down, this is my absolute favorite comfort food from childhood. When my parents were married, eating at the Aztec Inn in Lawrence was our special family outing. To this day, when I am having a hard day or am feeling down, I crave a spicy salsa so badly, my stomach hurts.

My favorite authors are John Irving, Jane Austen and Margaret Atwood - my life's goal is to read everything they have written. And yes, I did forget to include Pride and Prejudice as a favorite book. D'oh.

My favorite word is obsequious - it's the 18th century way to say "kiss-ass". Which I learned while reading Pride and Prejudice.

My favorite writing instruments are the Uniball Signo RT (pen) and the Pentel Twist-Erase (0.9)(pencil).

My favorite game of chance is craps and I love betting 6 the "hard way" because my favorite number is 3.

My favorite television shows are House Hunters International on HGTV and the Antiques Roadshow on PBS.

My favorite blog is Throwing Things. Hands down. I have been reading since early 2003 and they helped keep me up to date on things when I was in the early, hazy throes of newborn baby demands with both of my children. I knew that if I just scanned Throwing Things every day, I would be up on what was breaking - news, sports, politics, television, music and general pop culture. They have some of the very best, thoughtful, interesting commenters out there in the blogging world. And even when folks disagree, they are still respectful to each other. A lesson many blogs could do well to learn.

The floor? Is back to you - comments are welcome here.