December 2, 2007

Care to comment?

Edited to Add: Robin over at Pensieve has a nice post about this Blogger backlash with a good list of other folks writing about it. Just spreading the Linky Love - ironically, of course.

So, as usual, folks are getting the Hate On over Blogger and the newest complaint regarding Blogger is baffling me completely. Folks are mad, nay furious, because they cannot link directly to their sites in the comments section. I did not realize this was a recent change and I was not aware that Blogger had even allowed direct linkage before - it was definitely news to me so I misunderstood it at first. Besides, just last spring, I had to turn off non-registered comments when I found myself to have acquired my first troll. I hated doing that because it did require folks to register with Blogger in order to comment. However, at the time I did not have the patience to deal with a troll or to begin moderating my comments.

So, it appears folks are suggesting Haloscan as a solution. I used Haloscan in the past and did have a great experience with it. They went through a period of time where it was exploding in mid-air, so I switched back to Blogger comments. I do not necessarily regret it because Haloscan does not keep your comments forever - if that is important to you, I cannot recommend Haloscan. Also, switching to Haloscan will blow away your previous entries' comments as well. It is just something to consider if you are going to switch.

I am not going to sit here and pretend that Blogger is perfect, but it is usable and free, to boot. I feel compelled to defend a free product that for the most part, works quite well. I have used Typepad and Wordpress for other blogs and I do not understand why folks rave about them being so superior to Blogger. Frankly, I have used Wordpress for two different blogs and both experiences were frustrating. I am still struggling with it on my food blog which is frustrating because I would rather be writing posts, then screwing around with the settings and such. And Typepad? It was okay when I used it a few years ago, but I could not justify paying for it. However, I will admit that I just want to write a blog. All I desire is to write meaningless crap about my life. I am not into site design and adding widgets and fancy stuff into this place. I realize that makes my blog fairly boring and probably contributes to my low readership. I also know that just the fact that I do not have my own URL has automatically relegated me to a lower status in some social circles. So, it is not like I count myself as serious or anything like that. But I am having fun over here and that is my #1 criteria for blogging - I need to find it fun or I cannot justify this hobby.

So, I still do not understand what the fuss is about - I have a Blogger profile set up for my FoodieBytes Wordpress blog and in that profile I have set up linkage back to the FoodieBytes site. As such, we are seeing traffic going to the FoodieBytes so it is apparent this setup works. Would it be more convenient if folks could link directly to the site from my comment? Of course, but I know lots of sites that require registration and it has not prevented me from commenting. For example, I do not see anyone bringing the Hate On at Alphamom because they require comment registration.

Since I am not willing to switch back to Haloscan and yet again, lose all my past comments, I am going to just open comments again to unregistered users. It seems that way you can enter a "nickname". If you do not wish to register with Blogger, you can use the nickname field to enter your name and url. Oh sure, we will not be able to link directly to you, but holy crap folks! It takes 2 seconds to select text and paste it into a URL field. If someone is willing to take the time to comment on my site, I am willing to take the time to cut n' paste to check out their site. That would only be fair.


Dooneybug said...

I agree with you Cagey. I really don't care that some of the blogs I read require a Blogger profile. I just made sure to put my typepad address in my profile so it will take them directly to my blog on Typepad - what's the big deal there?

I use Typepad just because I kept getting frustrated with Blogger blowing up posts I had written right when I pushed the post button. Plus it is fun to change my look easily (when I get around to doing that about once a year).

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Oh, you reminded me of the time when Blogger was a dog during the publishing process! I had forgotten about that because it has been so long ago - literally, I remember being in my cube and being PISSED OFF at losing a post because I was on my lunchbreak and was wasting precious time. I have been out of the "workforce" for 2.5 years. But yes, Blogger was a total pain in the ass for losing posts once upon a time. I cannot remember the last time I had an issue, plus they added the "save draft" function awhile back as well.

I guess I feel the need to defend a FREE product. Maybe I am old, but I remember being desperately grateful for a Unix-based Pinemail account that was free and being totally wowed by THAT. Maybe folks that never had to be without the Internet and cool gadgets take it for granted? I just do not understand the complete rage and anger towards Blogger. Maybe that is another post?

Average Jane said...

I just use my "fake" Blogger blog to comment. It has a link to my real blog, so if someone is marginally motivated, they can find me in two clicks.

meno said...

I noticed the new form, but i didn't realize its import. I like to go to check out people who comment on my blog. I hope this doesn't make that harder for me.

Google is just on its path for world domination. :)

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Average Jane,
That is what I did with my food blog.

Google is the new Microsoft. hee!

Anonymous said...

Cagey: Since you mentioned wordpress, can you give any advice for logging into Monkey in a Suit's blog? When I went to the page I was prompted to sign up for a wordpress account. I did, but now everytime I try to go to her page I get redirected to a wordpress homepage.

I found Monkey thru your blog and love reading her stuff. Sorry, I know you aren't her to be a customer service rep. ;)

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

regarding, Monkey - no problem. I will start billing her accordingly. ;-) You just cannot trust the shifty sorts such as her, eh?

Coincidentally, she told me this morning that she is doing some maintenance and closed it for the awhile. I think it will be up later today.

Christy said...

You're right, Blogger is easy to use and FREE. I try not to complain about little quirks too much, because its FREE.

stephanie said...

Here's my only two frustrations:

1. I didn't know anything about setting up a Blogger account because I always used Gmail (see frustration #2), so I didn't realize there was a way to link your website in. I wasn't so much concerned about the traffic as I was you might not know who I was without the link there.

2. I never signed up for a separate Blogger account, but you can use your Gmail account to log in, so that is what I do. My frustration with this is that on my computer I am always logged into my personal Gmail account, but I don't usually comment with my personal email address. So, I'd have to sign out of my personal Gmail (sometimes losing chats I was currently in), sign into my blogging Gmail, comment, sign out of blogging Gmail and then sign back into Gmail after my comment. This discouraged me from commenting for a while. But yours is the only site I actually comment on that does the Blogger account requirement thing and eventually I just figured you were not a psycho stalker or something, so I just use my personal Gmail account now.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Right on.

You make some great points - ironically, I am finding the SAME issue with Wordpress. When I comment on Monkey's blog, my comments show up from my login identity on my food blog. I have to log out of Wordpress FIRST, then go back and comment, which I find irritating.

I will say that your profile is not showing up when you post here - i.e. you have chosen not to display it. However, I know who you are and do not have any other Stephanies coming on board. So yes, you are missing out on the Linky Love. Which sucks.

I am still not sure what the solution is, but I felt compelled to defend Blogger's honor, I do not think they deserve the fury.

Unknown said...

And then there's people like me, who barely understand technology enough to follow this post and the comments that follow.

I guess Blogger probably LOVES people like me -- we don't know enough to complain!

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Ooooooo, the one blog post I've read that's not blasting Blogger in some way, shape or form (good for you!). I'm gonna link to you in my post of naysayers, lol, I wonder if anyone will follow the link and try to change your mind ;).

Thanks for your comment.


Dee said...

I don't see what the big deal is really. I don't use blogger but I do have a blogger account set up so that my profile links to my own blog. It makes it much easier to comment on any Blogger blogs so that I don't have to keep typing my info in every time I want to comment.

I don't use Blogger personally because I like to play around and tinker with my blog too much. But, I would suggest it to anyone who was starting up a blog. It is fairly simple to use and it is free. What more could you ask for?

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Sorry for everyone who is having trouble with the signing in for Wordpress and whatnot.

I don't understand the controversy. I liked Blogger while I was on it. It was very very easy to use and even though wordpress is as free, like Cagey, I have trouble with it. I'm basically there only for the lockable posts. Otherwise, I find it very frustrating to manipulate, speaking as the technologically challenged.

I did like Typepad for the ease of use but it was for pay and...whatever man.

Anonymous said...

Here's the deal - blogging is about community. I often find new blogs by seeing who comments, and following links to their blog. I hope people find my blog by doing the same. One of the biggest ways to increase the number of people that read your blog, is to comment on others - to participate in the conversations online.

What Google is doing is like saying if you're not a blogger member, we're going to put you at a disadvantage. We're going to break the rules.

Most of the blogs I read aren't hosted by blogger - most are Wordpress or TypePad or some other platform, but 2 years ago blogger ruled - the reason they're not on top is because they don't provide as good a product as the others - and this is another example.


olives said...

Blogger and TypePad seem the easiest to use, to me...WordPress seems a little tougher. thank you for your blog, I enjoy reading it alot.