December 27, 2007

Do you hear what I hear?

Truly, this was one of the best Christmases in a long, long time. Having a certain bug-eyed toddler there to "oh! and ah!" over everything seemed to have made all the difference. The big gifts this year from Santa were a Diego Rescue Center, a mountain tunnel (for his birthday train set), and a toy trumpet. He was appropriately awestruck when he came downstairs to find them under the tree. So awestruck, that for once, he was not sure what to say and was actually fairly quiet over the whole thing at first. Until he fully woke up, of course, and then he was a bat out of hell All Day Long. Banana cream pie will do that to a 2 year old, I suppose.

Speaking of Santa, it was totally and utterly kickass to play the part. I am unapologetic and firmly in the camp of Believer now. Seriously - it was SO MUCH fun setting everything up the night before. I was so jittery with excitement that I had trouble sleeping and I even got up before Arun in the morning. Yeah - something was seriously wrong with that scenario. Ahem.

Anyway, it was a really nice Christmas. Not overly done - the kids got plenty of presents, but nothing extravagant. The past few days have been mostly about eating and hanging out with family.

As it should be.

Damn Cat
This year's Christmas card. I could not help myself, although I know that most of the recipients probably did not "get" it. And yes, even though I have kids now, I am still that dork that sends a picture of her cat. Sue me. Go ahead.

The Glasses Are Half Full

The Hat
Yes, all the sharp corners in such close proximity to his peepers gave me a coronary, but I still managed to snap a pic before yanking the damned thing off.

Santa Baby

More Stuff on My Kid


Bethany said...

I was also up before the kids- bizarre.

Mamma Sarah said...

We were excited about Christmas too and layed in bed waiting for Alex to wake up. Too bad he just didn't get it this year. :-( Glad to hear things went off so well. Great pics!

Christy said...

I am glad you had such a nice Christmas. You babies look like they had a good time too.

Colleen said...

Nothing like the wonder and awe of a toddler to turn a grown woman into a believer! So glad you had a nice Christmas!

Rozanne said...

Sweet photos! I esp. like Arun's "hat."