October 18, 2007

Good gravy, what is the in water?

I have noticed something. It snuck up on me, but I do not think it is in my head. There is much of this Baby Makin' Business going on in the corner of the blogosphere that I happen to hang out in - 20% of my blogroll is in the process of making a human from scratch. Take a look:

2 Boys and an Angel
Goofy Girl
Ice Cream Mama
Life in the Hundred Acre Wood
Miss Zoot
Mrs. CPA
Voices in My Mind

Did I forget anyone??

I can think of at least 4 of these ladies who really, really, really wanted another baby (as opposed to the rest who just "really, really " wanted another baby.) I am shocked that Arun has not learned to say "squee!" yet because he has heard it often enough.

This list does not include Jenn at Maniacal Days who just recently had her son Luke. It also does not include my Real Life friend Susan (yes, the very same Susan of the Chocolate Covered Pistachios fame). Susan is pregnant exactly the same amount of weeks that Anjali is old.

I post this in the hopes that one of my other Real Life friends gets her dream, too.


Marilyn said...

I can think of several other bloggers that I read that are also currently pregnant. That includes Frema and Linda from All & Sundry and Mrs. Squirrel from Hollow Squirrel. Plus, I'm pretty sure I'm missing someone. Oh yeah, my irl friend and fellow blogger J. Yow. It's a big list, isn't it?

Goofy Girl said...

Don't forget me! I know I'm not making a baby from scratch, but I suppose I could still be counted as 'expecting'. Pregnant on paper, if you will.

Put an asterisk by me if you must. ;-)

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Goofy Girl,
You have been added! I was not sure whether to include you with all the freaking ridiculous waiting you have had to go through. Leading to more questions of "have you heard?" Speaking of which - have you heard anything lately? hee!

Dee said...

I can't believe how many people I know in real life that are pregnant right now. Besides myself, all three of my sister-in-laws are currently pregnant, as well as a cousin and two friends. Plus, we're all due within about a 4 month span. I can't even keep track of all of the pregnant bloggers! It seems 2008 is going to be a big year for babies.

meno said...

I hope this all is not as a direct result of blogging. If i turn up pregnant, my husband will be suspicious as he's been snipped.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

meno's comment made me laugh;>

Another of my daily reads is pregnant, too, chebbles' mama, just a few weeks ahead of me.

In real life, two of my good friends are also expecting, one only 5 days after me.

It is crazy!

Christy said...

Yeah, lots of pregnant people on my blogroll too. It seems like everyday, someone else is announcing a pregnancy. I wish a few people in my real life would get pregnant.

Beth Aguilera said...

Dude! I didn't realize Susan was pregnant. I should've said somthing.

I'm a firm believer that I caught both my pregnancies from the Internet. You play with the mommybloggers, you roll the dice.