December 15, 2004

Now, how does this work?

This month, Mr. X and I will commence the great DNA Project in the hopes we produce a lower case x for ourselves. (Read: We’re trying to have a baby). I am a little nervous about this for several reasons:

Free-Time: I will miss you my good friend. How many years did I take you for granted? Can you ever forgive me for maligning your good name? Which hobby will be the first to bite the dust if said DNA Project is successful? I guess I could give up the TV and raku, but don’t you dare think about my books, yarn and beads!

Nosy Relatives: Nothing grosses me out more than discussing my potential fertility with the Family. Apparently, when a girl gets married, permission is granted for all to discuss the current status of her uterus. "Anyone in there? No? Why not? Well, when? You’re not getting any younger, you know.” Thanks for the newsflash, folks. I guess I should have married Asshole #2 instead of waiting for Mr. Absolutely Perfect for Me (aka Mr. X) in order to satisfy your tight timelines.

Career Status: In January, Big Al is clearing house and he may join the legions of My Careers Past. Therefore, I am going through yet another career crisis which is beginning to seem like a yearly exercise. Unfortunately, DNA Projects don’t believe in project plans and I‘m not sure what to do. Stay at a job that’s eating my creative soul in the hopes it looks better for my resume when I go off-roading on the Mommy Track? Or hunt for a new gig knowing full well I will head for the door within the next few years?

The Worrying: I admit it. I am a worrywart. I have spent a lifetime devoting myself slavishly to this task and I see no reason to convert to another religion now. After all, I spent my 20s worrying I would get pregnant, it’s only appropriate I am doomed to spend my 30s worrying that I will not get pregnant. But then again, what if I do get pregnant? Oof.

P.S. My solemn vow to you, Dear Reader, is that this won’t turn into an All About Babies Blog. Refer to Free Time – you can rest assured he will continue to keep me occupied and amply supplied with appropriate Posting Material.


Anonymous said...

hey! all about baby blogs are great! Oh wait, maybe I'm just trying to convince myself my blog isn't totally boring.... anyways, if project DNA hits any road blocks (and I pray for you that it doesn't), just wander over to my site, I've got links galore to everyone who's tried everything to create their own DNA little x....

Anonymous said...

Free time: You could probably keep the knitting needles, but those beads are a choking hazard, sister (yes, you will start thinking in these terms).

Nosy Relatives: At least half of them are out of the country - that's good, right? Think if all NINE FAMILIES (parents-in-law and seven sets of brothers- and sisters-in-law) were commenting on your child-rearing skills. EGADS!

Career: You will not care about your career except to determine that it was not then, nor will it ever be, the meaning of life. Your kid might very well be.

All else: I can't wait for you to have a new little X. I find my friends like me a lot more after they have kids, too, because I have trouble speaking in complete sentences, and I periodically have to blow people off because of Hand, Foot & Mouth.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Mortimer's Mom: Your posts aren't boring and we love hearing about Dumplings escapades. Besides, anyone who lives in a country that has DVD Rental Machines on the street (akin to ATM machines) has plenty o' interesting posting material.