December 7, 2004

Are you having trouble finding your Christmas spirit?

Whew. I sure am. Don't get me wrong - I hosted 2 Christmas parties over the weekend. I loved both of them and had so much fun - in the way that I LOVE hosting parties, that is (truly, I do - what more fun can there be in people coming to see YOU). Now, the Christmas part? Well, I just wasn't really sold. I enjoyed decorating the house and have watched a few of my Christmas movies from my hefty collection, but frankly - I am just not that into you, Christmas Spirit. Was it the way you tried to ingratiate yourself into my life before Halloween? Is it how you appear on my TV incessantly trying to encourage me to dig my hole of debt deeper? Is it the way you leap at me in your vivid reds and greens the moment I enter any destination of commerce? No, not so much - you try those tricks every year. I guess, for once, I just want to do the bare minimum and simply relax during these holidays. The theme coming from the Rancid Raves le Manse will be Gift Certificate O' Rama. I will still send out Christmas cards, but will simply sign them instead of trying to think of something original to write on every single one of them. And finally, this Christmas Day, I will throw out some simple food (turkey BREAST is good enough - not the whole damn thing, right?). Basically, I will concentrate on just relaxing that day and enjoying being with my family.

Come to think of it, maybe I haven't lost the Spirit after all.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now that we have the little angel, I momentarily felt like not only did I need to do everything I've done before (compose an original Christmas poem each year to mail to friends, make homemade cookies, decorate a large tree, craft gifts for my MIL) that I should do even MORE so that she does not! miss! out! on the season. Then it occurred to me that she is eight months old and will never know the difference. As long as I send people a photo of her, they will be too enamored with that to notice I didn't sign anything, right? I hate this flurry of activity. I'm tired enough the way it is! Bah Humbug.