June 26, 2008

What we doing tomorrow, Mama?

This is what I hear every evening. Unfortunately, "drooling in front of Noggin until your brains emulsify" is not an acceptable response. Kids these days. SPOILED.

So, if you smack your kid up side the head with the Wiimote, does the DCFS take away the kid or the Wii? Can you get a special dispensation for Wiinjuries? Just wondering. Not for any particular reason other than purely innocent, good old-fashioned curiosity.

Boy, I am really glad I nixed the idea for Weight Watchers and funneled that cash into our Wii. Just sayin'. That's all.

In other news, on the Wii Play game, why does the cow racing thingie look like it was created by knitting up swatches in the stockinette stitch? As a knitter, this is inordinately distracting as I am feverishly attempting to mow down those damned scarecrows.

Also, I am thinking the furniture industry is going to experience a serious dearth in coffee table sales. I am considering packing ours away down in the basement because it is in the way of our Wiing.

Finally, what is "anger whilst playing your Wii" called? Wiirritation? Wiithing with rage? Wiisteria?


Moderndayhermit said...

Haha, we moved our coffee table out to the garage. Why? The Wii of course.

Did you get Mario Kart? Oh, that game is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Frighteningly enough I could have written this entry myself down to the dcfs ponderings.

not a knitter...still distracting...and that is my favorite game. because i am four years old.

Jenny said...

Wii Rage.

Goofy Girl said...

Beware the Wii Boxing! Consider yourself warned. I ended up at the chiropractor. Ouch.

...but it WAS fun! :-)

Mamma Sarah said...

OMG your post had me totally rolling. Danny was thinking about bringing our table back up, but then we got the Wii and thought twice about it. Just wait til you get more involved games... you can seriously hurt yourself. :-D

Christy said...

I get wiirritation all the time.

Erin said...

Emily's question is: What we goin' for today?

She asks it ALL THE TIME.

As well she should, since we leave the house at least once nearly every day. So days like today, when I had nowhere to go and a bunch of things to do around home, are LOONG with the questions.

The coffee table is a good thing when you're playing Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii. You need somewhere to put your feet up. Oh, and hold your drink. :)