June 10, 2008


I was watching a documentary on Vegas tonight. And I thought, "I should call C and J tonight." C is my step-grandma and J is my college mate and from my hometown here in Kansas. I have been a bit down that I have not gotten to fly out to Vegas for nearly 2 years now - I normally go every year. C nor J has seen Anjali yet AND J just had a baby girl herself in December. I was thinking, I really want to see that baby girl of J's

I am so frustrated that I have not been out there for awhile.

I called J and first out of the gate, I learn she has an inoperable liver cancer. There are still tests to be done, nothing is for sure.

Nothing is ever "for sure". Is it?

I may be gone for awhile. I cannot imagine posting about anything at this point.

Anything. At all.