June 13, 2008

Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?

That always struck me as a bit odd.

Anyway - I usually refer to this site as my Happy Place. It is not normally a place to drown my sorrows, but rather a place for me to shine up the bright spots when they covered in muck. As such, I really hate to leave such sad posts up for the week and would like to end the week with an upbeat note. For sure, I am grateful for a lot of things in my life. Like, the fact that my financial circumstances allow me to pack up the kids and head to Vegas tomorrow, if need be.

While I would love to grouse about how infuriating it is that Fox News referred to Michelle Obama as a "baby mama", I am going to scoot straight on over to much lighter, fluffier fare.......Today, we are heading down to Baldwin for the Thomas the Train extravaganza. Arun is v. v. excited about riding the train and meeting Thomas. He also insisted that Ruby was going to be there, I guess Max can just suck it.

Earlier this week, BlogHer had a fun piece about the Last Handbag (basically, if money were no object, what would be your Last Handbag purchase? Ever.) It came at just the right time for me, distracting me from Larger Questions. I really enjoyed reading it and following all the links. Reading that piece, led me to other places about handbags:

Designer Handbags 101 - a one-stop shop for learning about handbags.
Megan's Minute, Handbag of the Month - a fun feature where Megan highlights various handbags she spots while out and about.
The Handbag Museum in the Netherlands - Great! Better get the kids their passports.

What would be your last handbag purchase? Honestly, I am so happy with my recent handbag purchase, I do not see myself buying a new one anytime soon. It has filled my every need perfectly. It is a purse, so I feel like a feminine woman and not a pack mule. But. It is big enough to carry the things I need. We went to the zoo last week and still, all I needed was the handbag, the lunchbox and the Fleurville micropod. I am set for awhile now, folks.

What's distracting you this week?

11 Months
This was the best picture I could get. She kept trying to crawl off of the chair. And so it begins. *sigh*

Early Mornin'
Anjali wakes up perky as hell. Arun? Not so much, as you can gather from this snap.

My Last Handbag?
Who am I kidding? Probably not.

Anjali's First Handbag
How could I resist this adorable fishbowl purse? Anyway, it's a landmark moment, Innernets. - my baby girl's first ever purse. Lord help me if my she likes handbags as much as I do.


Carrie said...

The fish purse is so cute! Has she figured out how to crawl and carry it?

Average Jane said...

I'm digging the hand-me-down Coach purse that I carry right now, but they need to think about adding things like *pockets*. It is nice to be able to touch up the leather with shoe polish when it gets scuffed, though.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I was seething about that yesterday. Sorry to leave that grumbly remark. Attack BHO & JM's politics. Leave their families out of it. They did it to JM with his daughter way back when and now they're referring to M in stereotypical terms because they know they don't have a dime to stand on(Harvard Law, Sidley and B's former MENTOR...hee).

Anonymous said...

I love anjali's dotty shirt. Love! Wait were there words in this post? I could see them for all the cuteness!

Cagey said...

Carrie, Anjali still is not clued into the Purpose of a Purse. She treats it like any other container that must be filled, then emptied. Over and over and over again.

Jane, My purse has SIX pockets. Definitely a selling point when I was talking myself into buying it!

Monkey, Your post about the Michelle Obama Baby Mama flap was Right On. Awesome - now I do not have to write one!

Brit, I loved that shirt LAST year before Anjali was even born. I was very excited to find it in an outlet store!

aibee said...

Consider this a PSA because if only I could have five minutes with each of you hand-bag loving eventually (if not already) sore necked wimmens to explain to you (with a whiteboard, a pen and a laser pointer) just what in tarnation you're doing to yourself in the name of fashion.

Do you have ANY idea how much carrying a purse affects your postural alignment? Think about it: even if you carry only a half a pound worth of crap in one of those things, it's a half a pound you're toting around ALL DAY on ONE ARM, and over the course of even only one single hour, that half pound load becomes the equivalent of several pounds.

Now multiply that by the number of hours in a day you carry that thing around.

Is it any wonder your back aches or that your neck gets stiff?

My professional advice (AHEM) is to invest in a great looking backpack type bag.

this kind of thing: http://tiny.cc/AsXjR

because I'm not suggesting you carry around a nylon sportsbag.

Not only will your back thank you for your choice in years to come, the immediate gratification is suddenly having full use of both your hands again.

Second best is a messenger type purse, one that crosses your body with a wide strap across the shoulder. This design also helps distribute the weight more evenly. Make sure the bag itself either sits in front of you or behind you, because one that sits on your hip will affect your movement pattern which, like a purse carried on one arm, will eventually lead to chronic discomfort and pain that you will probably never attribute to your fashion choices.

Okay then. I'm done. You may now return to your regular programming :)

Olivia said...

Oooh, purses! I got my addiction from my mother. I had always purchased cheap bags and changed them up frequently, but about 6 months ago I bought a butter-soft, leather purse from Stone Mountatain Hand Bags at TJ Maxx. I have fallen in love with having a good quality bag and so far it has been a perfect purse. I've been surprised that I haven't felt the urge to change bags in so long.