June 9, 2008

Does your partner get it?

X does not understand my little blogging hobby. Sometimes, nay - often, it is frustrating and is one reason why I considered doing ads. Even bringing in $10 a month at my traffic level would somehow add some sort of minimal monetary consideration to it . How do I explain to him what blogging does for me? That it provides a connection of sorts, not merely some weird release of my Inner Voyeaur? That it is a creative outlet for me? And that for someone with small children, it is an excellent hobby because it can be put down so easily? I blog because I can hit "save now" in a pinch and attend to business when a kid begins squawking or leaking bodily fluid. I rarely, if ever, write an entire post in one sitting. I pound these babies out in short, sporadic bursts.

Fortunately, as hobbies go, Putting down a book is equally easy, but even knitting is difficult to put down on more complicated project. I do miss making jewelry and doing raku, but blogging has helped keep me creative. Am I the only with a partner who does not understand the allure of blogging?

Speaking of hobbies.........In other news, I have officially gone to the dark side. I joined a message board called Arachnoboards - I think the title sorta says it all. This weekend I totally got sucked into this board for "invertebrate enthusiasts" (sounds far more sophisticated than "spider lover", no?) (Note: if you missed all the fun this weekend as to how we came into possession of this big ass spider, check out this post to get the Story of Sofia, our pink-toed tarantula.)

I still have not decided how much I want to handle Sofia. She is an a. avicularia and they are a docile species and are not likely to bite or kick hairs. However, they tend to be skittish and will sometimes jump. Believe it or not, the danger is more in her court, than in mine. If she falls from a height that is greater than 1.5 times her body length, there is a very likely chance that she could rupture her abdomen, which means that she would most likely die. One of the great controversies amongst the 8 Legged Zealots is that tarantulas should not be handled due to the danger to them.

The one downside to this board is that now I really, really want an Antilles Pinktoe (a. versicolor). *gulp*

Children Are So 2007.


Average Jane said...

My husband doesn't really get the whole blogging (and/or Twitter) thing. He just knows that my circle of acquaintances keeps multiplying and that I spend way too much time on the computer (and the BlackBerry).

His online activities are mainly pre-social-networking forum and message board-based.

Jenny said...

Er, I love you and all Cagey, but I can't do spiders, expecially of big hairy ones. :)

Cagey said...

Jane, do get me started on Twitter and how satisfying it is. I really appreciated being able to Twitter while on vacation. But? X does NOT get Twitter in the very least. Blogging, he sorta gets, but Twitter is a big waste of time in his eyes.

Jenny, having a tarantula is for sure, more of an ornamental pet. Sorta like a fish. Without all the water but with fangs, instead.

Dee said...

My hubby doesn't get the whole blogging thing either. He sorta understood the online friends thing after he started playing World of Warcraft, but he still has no idea why I would want to share the details of my life with complete strangers. And Twitter? He doesn't get AT ALL. I can't wait until he discovers my new addiction to Plurk!

When I was little (3 or 4 maybe) my best friend had a pet tarantula. I thought it was cool at the time, but now your pictures give me chills.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Nope. He doesn't get why I do it, why I read so many others', or what everyone has to write about.

Wordnerd said...

Nope. He doesn't get it. And you know what? He doesn't even know I have a blog! I didn't want anyone in my family to know because I wanted the freedom to write, vent, bitch, moan, whatever without worrying about them seeing it. Now that I realize that I really don't whine about family issues on my blog, I could probably tell them. But I won't. I just really don't see the need to do it.

elizasmom said...

My husband doesn't really get the blogging thing either, but he has been very good-natured about it, even as I have done things like announce that we will be hanging out with people I have never met in real life. (Who have thus far all turned out to be lovely, so maybe that helps).

As for your spider, she is very cute. Are those her eyes up there near her fangs? Because if so, she has kind of an endearingly cross-eyed look going that I am finding kind of cute.

D. Jain said...

My husband doesn't get it either. He has Issues with how much of your life you should reveal online. Not only that, but he's paranoid that if I write about non-veg recipes his family (who are Jain, as you can see by my last name) will somehow find out and get upset. So I walk a fine line!

I think the new pet is interesting by the way...but I'll stick with my cats!

Moderndayhermit said...

Nope, husband doesn't get it, you are not alone! He reads my blog when I tell him I posted some pics of the boy.

He doesn't get twitter at all. I think I love twitter more than blogging due to just the short bursts of posts.

He also doesn't know I've been playing World of Warcraft again as I've had to go underground, lol.

But, the way I figure...he watches hours of television per day and I don't. I haven't watched tv in 6 days.

Cagey said...

Elizasmom, Yes, those are here eyes, but they are actually clusters of FOUR each. :-)

D. Jain, my husband has the SAME issues. It is one of the reasons why I talk rarely about him, our marriage, etc. Except in the most glowing of terms. Ahem.

D. Jain said...

Cagey, I wondered if that was why you didn't write more about him! Yes, when I started my blog I thought I'd write about our intercultural relationship, but then I realized that he'd consider it too personal. And once I posted about how we made this awesome chicken curry, and he wanted me to edit that part out in case his family ever saw it. Watch out for the Jain mafia...just kidding.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

It's how we met!

Me: blogblogblogblog

Boy (in email with anonymous id): Dear Monkey, I'm a 31 year old desi living in [location] and even though this makes me sound crazy and stalkery...I really love your blog, blahblahblah loads of personal details except for real name blahblahblah.

Me: Dear 31 Year Old Indian man, are you the stalker who forced me into password protect?

Boy: No! Here's my real name! I'm sorry!

Which, umm, led to us dating. So yeah, he gets it. I think.

Rayne of Terror said...

Bob mostly gets it because he reads his own blogs - mostly beer and politcs. But if I say, so and so said such and such about her marriage he is downright scandalized. "She put that on the ... Internet?!?!?!"

caro said...

He pretends to get it because he can tell it helps me maintain my sanity, but actually he doesn't get it at all. That's ok, though. I don't get spiders.

Diana said...

I don't know if Charles gets the blogging thing, but he's very supportive, and that makes all the difference.

(I love your little pink-toed colored links. Sofia may get me to eventually become fond of spiders, rather than just appreciating their bug-chomping ways.)

MLE said...

I LOVE tarantulas and would love to have one as a pet, but I have a feeling Dan wouldn't go for it. Also, I would fear our kitties would make short work of it if they ever had access.

I would also love to have a snake, but that is on his list of Divorceable Offenses. He is deathly afraid of snakes.

Luckily, we both blog, and before that we were both big on message boards (that's how we met), so he gets it. I have to admit, I *don't* really get twitter, though maybe it's the luddite in me.

Bethany said...

I was reading a blog one night & my husband asked what I was doing. He then began telling me how stupid that is and why would someone want a blog and blah blah. So I didn't bother to tell him I have one. Little does he know- it seriously helps keep me sane!

Mamma Sarah said...

My hubby doesn't get it, but knows that I've made some great friends and networked with some pretty fantastic women. :-) It's not really his thing... but he does know I blog, but never reads it.