June 25, 2008

Can Wii be friends?

Yesterday, I bought a Wii for our 5th anniversary. At Target! No joke - why are folks paying premium on eBay for these things? Anyway.... thus far, we are mightily enjoying it, although we have not gotten to play it too much. We both have some work stuff. Oh, and children, apparently. Also, would like to request that Nintendo include a sports bra in future versions. My girls would be much appreciative.

God, it so hard to write without proofreading obsessively. (sigh*

So, this week has been an odd one for me. Just as I am terrified that I may lose an Old Friend, I seem to have regained a new one. Ironically, because of J herself. Via Classmates.com, my old friend TLC (real initials!) contacted our classmate RM who contacted J. TLC called me on Monday and wow. Wow. We had been friends, really close friends since junior high (I was even in her wedding, as featured in the post Where's the Martini In Maternity? - I wore the kelly green bridesmaid dress for that one.) I think the going term for this sort of friendship is "BFF". Or something close to that. Anyway..... I had thought she did not want to talk to me, it turns out that she had lost contact and had been looking for me for quite some time. But I had gotten married and had moved, to boot.

So, TLC called me on MOnday and I was over the moon to talk to her. I gave her URL to Rancid RAves right off the bat. This is the same girl who already know more than enough to sully my good name in perpetuity. Anything she reads here is just watered down versions. We caught up on the past years and then moved on to the Here and Now. Then, I called her the next day to just chitchat.

As I am grappling with terms like "liver cancer"and "inoperable" and "stage 4", it is comforting to chat with someone who already knows me, where I am from and what I am about. Sure, you can never go home, but as it turns out, home can come to you.

Thanks for calling me, TLC. It was just what I needed.




Brit said...

re: the wii...HURRAY for the 5th anniversery

re: target vs ebay...duude i know, we waited so long because who wants to play 500?

re: sportsbra..ahem. yes.

re: everything else...hugs

(this is the bandaged finger version)

flybunny said...

Wii can be friends. We spent quality time with the Wii last night and had so much fun. I think hubby even broke out the camera during boxing and OMG do I really look like that?

I also recently reconnected with a friend and it has been so very very nice!

Have a safe trip!!!

Diana said...

I'm so thrilled for you that you both re-found each other! Just what you needed.

As to the wii, we love ours and have been known to spend our evenings trying to best our times on the downhill run or playing many rounds of Mario Party 8. Sara, for some reason, usually wins that one.