June 17, 2008

Exactly how many hits of acid did it take the creators to come up with the concept of Lazytown?

Most certainly, those folks are not firing on all cylinders. Seriously. That show gives me the chills. And not in a good way.

Interestingly, after thinking last week that I would not want to write for a long, long time, I find myself wanting to write more than ever now. Putting a post out here gives me some misguided sense of purpose, accomplishment. Even if this is a non-paid hobby and even if I am just writing about the silly things that comprise my boring days.

As if on cue, the Double A's have ratcheted up the Adorable Factor to unbearable levels around here. And just when I needed it. How did they know? In accordance with her predetermined destiny, Anjali is morphing into Pesky Little Sister as she puts the Godzilla moves on Thomas and his equally creepy anthropomorphic minions. In return, Arun is ramping up his Bossy Older Brother act. It is a lovely little dance with a delightful cadence of shrieking, shouting and wailing. Of course, I love it. Is this not why we have more than one child anyway? So that they can torture each other, of course! For the most part, I try not to get involved unless it appears some bruises or broken bones may occur. I do not want Anjali to turn into a whiner/crybaby and in that vein, I do not want Arun to constantly be cast as the Bad Guy. After all, being annoyed by a younger sibling and getting pushed around by an older one are the rites of passages that every child should go through.

In other news, I am trying to figure out a way to get the cleaning service back. Our babysitter goes away to college in August, so some budget will be freed up then. At this point, I think I need a clean house way more than I need kid-free time. The #1 advantage to a cleaning service is that it forces me to do the pre-cleaning because they cannot vacuum if I do not tidy up first. Some gals like might like new clothes, fancy haircuts, spas, massages and pedicures, but me? Vacuum tracks and fresh steaks of Windex get me going.

So, if you happen to see me at BlogHer 07 wearing the same damned wardrobe from BlogHer 05 and sporting ragged nails, hobbling on cracked heels all while my hair displays shocking sprouts of gray, you will know precisely what happened. Please do not judge or mock me. To my face, at least.

I have uploaded some new simian snappage over at Flickr - here is a sampling:

Standing Tall

Yep, It's Cherry Season.

Love Me Tender (or Not)


Train Ride

Singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" to a Rapt Audience


Rayne of Terror said...

The pic where he's smiling and she's grumpy should be an 8x10

Lisa said...

Peanut Butter Anjali -- cutest nickname ever!

I didn't know you were going to BlogHer! How cool! Your kiddos are growing so fast and are as beautiful as ever!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I saw these pictures on Flickr last night-they're awesome. My fave is Anju's expression with Arun cuddling her.

You know Cagey-this is truly why we're friends. I will buy my purses at Ross so I don't have to do my own freaking cleaning!

Christy said...

Ahhhh! Your kids are so darn cute!

I wish I had a cleaning service. Since I don't, nothing ever gets cleaned in my house.

Bethany said...

I would take a cleaning service over clothes or shoes anyday!

Average Jane said...

Speaking of hits of acid, I think we'd have already seen you at BlogHer '07 if we were going to... ;)

CPA Mom said...

I feel the same way about Lazytown. W-T-F??

And about a cleaning service. I so miss having someone else clean my house.

lorib said...

Yes, Lazytown is CREEPY!

Massage and pedicure vs. someone to clean my house? No question, bring on the house keeper.