July 2, 2008

Good grief, is there ever a day that mattresses are not on sale?

Today, I am on Alphamom posting about 50 Things to Do With Your Kids in the Kansas City Area. Please help keep the crickets at bay and head over there to pop me up side the head with everything I surely forgot (Note: I purposely left off "attending a Chiefs football game". I figured attending both the St. Patrick's Day parade and Scottish Highland games was the extent to which I would be willing to subject my precious progeny (and yours!) to public drunken excesses.)

Also, I have posted on the long-neglected FoodieBytes blog about Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is - I have been musing over all my food options while I am at BlogHer this year. I am SO excited. For sure, I will be fulfilling my haleem and sichuan spicy cold noodle fix.

Finally, as I have been winding down the BoobLog, I will be handling All Things Boobage here from now on. Last week, Kristen had a question about nursing her 11.5 month old son, Caleb:
I fortunately haven't experienced a full-blown nursing strike just a lot of disinterest during the day but he is coming back around. How long did you nurse Arun? I am trying to figure out when I can "hang up the horns" and just nurse morning and evening (and ALL NIGHT). I'm afraid my milk might just dry up completely if I do that. Any advice?
First, foremost, and obviously - I am not a lactation consultant nor a professional.....Insert more legal eagle blather at your leisure.....

To answer your question...... I nursed Arun for 15 months and that worked really, really well for both of us. I am hoping to nurse Anjali for about the same amount of time, give or take (Sidenote: Her nursing strike is over, I was able to hobble through it and keep my supply going by pumping 2-3 times daily. Fortunately, she was still nursing at night. And yes, only a co-sleeper would say that!!) Personally, I am not particularly interested in nursing a two year old, so I hope she begins weaning around 18 months at the latest. So, my question back to you would be "When do you hope to wean?" I would think that after your son reaches 12 months, you could try nursing only mornings and evenings. If you find that your milk supply is decreasing and you are not cool with this, you could opt to pump just once a day. Kellymom has some great advice for "partial weaning", which I suspect is what you are wanting to do by "hanging up the horns". Hope that helps!

Simian Snappage!
Per usual, there are more snaps amongst the Flickrage, but this is a sampling:

Makin' Me Go All Melty.

Wii Are Family
You knew this was coming, did you not?


Christy said...

I need to post a picture of our family Miis. Too funny!

Bethany said...

Your Mii looks just like mine, excpet mine has glasses. I made the kids remove the mustache they gave Mii. Think they're trying to tell me something?

caro said...

Aww, so cute! (The sleeping cuties, that is. I guess I am a stranger to all this Wii and Mii ...)

Jenny said...

OMG, how does he sleep with his hair still combed into place? Adorable.

Anonymous said...

My 3 year old saw your Mii's and exclaimed: "Bowling! Let's play bowling!"

Breakfast first!


Mamma Sarah said...

First, I have to share with you that my husband totally cracked up at your Wii'isms on your last post.

Second, your kids are so adorable. I LOVE how peaceful they both look, not to mention the long lashes on Anj!

Lisa said...

Love the Mii family photo!

Awwww. They are so utterly adoreable.

Lisa said...

P.S. While your Mii's are cute, its the pics of your kiddos sleeping that's really adoreable. (Just wanted to clarify there.)

Carrie said...

Cagey, can I ask a question about flaxseed oil? I'm newly preggers and want to avoid strech marks....You contributed flaxseed oil to not getting any...so, how did you take the flaxseed oil? Do you mix it in with another drink? Do you cook with it? Please give me a clue!



MLE said...

Happy birthday to Anjali! It was a year ago this past weekend that we met you, Arun, and Average Jane for breakfast in KC on our way to Louisville, and Anjali came out a few days later, if I remember correctly.

Diana said...

The modern wii family!