March 9, 2006

Would you like to see my bits?

Apparently, I’ve been reading a tad too much of Brit Lit these days.

I have a post regarding my family rambling around in my brain, but can’t really write it out right now because it would come out very hateful-like and full of venom. It’s my mother’s family. They are so fucking dysfunctional it makes my head spin. It also explains every reason why I still have a relationship with my mother - I know that she simply did the best she could given the sort of role models SHE grew up with and for that, I feel sorry for her.
Anyway - in the meantime, I present bits and pieces.......

Whose Shoos? In my post regarding Robeez, Goofy Girl commented with a link to Shoo Shoos - a great alternative to Robeez. While they don’t have the Robot shoes Arun desperately wants, he does like their sandals even better than Robeez. I see some Shoo Shoos in his future, but only if he asks nicely.

Not Without My Handbag! I am having a handbag crisis. I’ve mentioned before that I LOVE* purses - even more than shoes (which is why the Robeez obsession took me by such surprise). This whole “diaper bag” thing is breaking my heart. Don’t get me wrong - I like my diaper bag - it’s just a mini-tote from Eddie Bauer but I have pared everything down to the bare minimum so I am not lugging around a suitcase (unfortunately, that’s not the case when I travel where I have to break out the stupid diaper BACKPACK). However, I miss my cute little black purse but it’s just not practical for me to carry a purse AND a diaper bag. Now, I find myself noticing everyone ELSE’S purse (it’s like that scene in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure after his bike is stolen and everyone around him suddenly has a bike). Anyway, I may invest in a nice Crutch Clutch sort of purse to get me through this tough time, but it won’t be the SAME, dammit.

Isn’t the 1st Step Admitting the Problem? I am finally breaking down and getting an US Weekly subscription. I buy the damned thing every week and even X agreed that it would just be better to give it up and subscribe. This whole thing reminds of when I used to be a smoker way back when. I would never, ever buy an entire carton even though it was cheaper because that was like a major COMMITMENT. If I just bought the cigs a pack or two at a time, then I could quit at any time, right? RIGHT? Like this very week! Really!

Little Manscaping: I noticed that my hairy little monkey was growing a crazy eyebrow hair that needed attention - STAT. Yes, you are reading that correctly - I HAVE ALREADY HAD TO PLUCK MY BABY’S EYEBROW. Okay, it was just ONE hair, but good gravy. Anyway, I did pluck it and Arun's big ole bug eyes got REALLY HUGE in surprise - although, to his credit, he didn't cry. Unfortunately, he better get used to it because I see much pluckage in the poor kid’s Tweezing Future.

Rancid Read: I finished Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity last week and LOVED it. I had to read How to Be Good for a book club last year and while I didn’t care for it, I did like his writing style - which led me to choose High Fidelity for another one of my book clubs. In High Fidelity, Hornby does a great take on dating and relationships - sometimes sad (albeit true to life) and other times, just downright hilarious. I will definitely be reading his other books. I am almost done with The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant - after that, I will be starting up About a Boy - one of my favorite movies. I have high hopes for it because of course, the book is ALWAYS better than the movie, right?

Forget Me. NOT..... I am an anal-retentive bitch when it comes to thank you cards. During the whirlwind of baby gifts last fall, I was very fastidious about keeping careful track of who sent what and ensuring a proper thank you was given. Imagine my dismay when I was sifting through a stack of old junk mail last week and I came across an unopened, sweet, thoughtful card and gift from my friends S and M. The card was dated back to OCTOBER. I was horrified - no, make that HORRIFIED.

Why? Over at Amalah's site I've noticed a curious, curious trend. There seems to be a Gold Rush-esque push to comment first and then denote it as such with a triumphant "First!". Am I missing something? Is she giving out prizes? All I've got to say is if she's offering up purses, I'm in.

*Notice the bolding which denotes strong emotion and indicates just how much I LOVE PURSES. Wah!


Where’s the remote, DUDE?

Exhibit A: Cute kid, teeny recliner. Just missing a nice smoking jacket.
Exhibit B: Ugly-smugly diaper bag at 2 o'clock, yo.

Mine All Mine

Even though I am fast asleep and hunched over much like my great-grandpa used to do after many a meal at the dining room table, I.Will.Not.Let.Go.Of.The.Plastic.Links.

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