March 10, 2006

How low will I go for posting material?

I found The Purse.

Unfortunately, my new darling was at the mall, rather than Target.
Fortunately, it is black, goes with everything and was exactly what I was looking for after having trudged through so many stores for the past 2 months.

Unfortunately, it was three times as much as I had wanted to pay for such a purse.
Fortunately, it is a designer brand that is pretty classic, not trendy and won’t go out of style. I can use it until it either falls apart or I am done with the diaper bag business.

Unfortunately, it was still damned expensive.
Fortunately, my traitorous son chose my lunchtime for his naptime thus ensuring I can pay for the purse with all those savings from not going out to eat.
Unfortunately, this means I can’t buy a new breastpump because fashion is more important than food.

Fortunately, X has better fashion sense than I do and at least appreciated my choice.
Unfortunately, since X has better fashion sense than I do, he knew the exact cost of said purchase.
Fortunately, my birthday is right around that corner. And Mother’s Day. And Christmas.

Finally.............Unfortunately, save for the looming creeping crud in our house*, the purchase of The Purse is the most exciting thing going on in my life. And for that, you should pity me. Or not.

*Arun's first cold! That's my boy! Get out the camara! Get out the baby book! Get out the weird snot sucker thingiemabob!

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