March 28, 2006

Can I report how much more I love my kid now that he can sit upright in a shopping cart?

Seriously. Life is so much easier now.

Anyway, I need to take a quick break from Taxation Vexation to also report that I used the words “tummy” and “wummy” in a sentence. Together. Like, DUDE, at the SAME TIME. Wash my mouth out with soap already. The minute those words left my mouth, I stood there for a minute wishing fervently I could TAKE THEM BACK. Even Arun went quiet for a millisecond. Maybe I should reconsider this whole “stay at home” thing if this is how quickly my language skills are going to regress.

Anyway, back to Uncle Sam. I will probably have something posted tomorrow, but in the meantime, April 15th looms large on my horizon. Actually, I already did our taxes over a month ago, but now must pay TurboTax for the privilige of having done so, print the forms out, review them, THEN e-file them. When I worked for Block’s Online Tax Program, it killed me how many people would e-file without checking their forms first. Unless you really want details as to how mind boggling our tax situation is, you should be grateful I am throwing out crap about my kid instead.

As a peace offering, I present for you pics from the Great Cereal Event. I have claimed that I took my time coming to this particular milestone because the doctor said there was no hurry. However, honestly? I am just a lazy ass. The kid is enough work as it is and now I HAVE TO PREPARE FOOD FOR HIM? Anyway, except for the fact that X wouldn’t let me get out the digital camcorder for the event, everything went fine ( Rancid Tangent: X and I are constantly at odds over this issue. I want to record every potential scrap of Precious Memory, whereas, X thinks it is silly. In fact, he refused to participate in the Cereal Event unless I agreed to put the tripod away. Grrr...). I think Arun either really liked the cereal or the spoon itself as evidenced by the way he kept lunging with his open mouth after every spoonful even while CEREAL WAS STREAMING OUT of his gaping maw.


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