March 14, 2006

That’s all you got?

There isn’t much going on right now, unless you would like to hear an exciting recap of my recent Costco visit. I could also recount my recent successes with getting Arun to take proper naps and the fact that I discovered I wasn’t putting him to bed early enough, which was affecting his ability to take the proper naps in the first place. No?

Instead, I present for you photos of our first Park Outing. I didn’t think to bring the camera, but luckily was able to take these snaps on the phone. Of course, considering how crappy the pics I take on the regular camera come out anyway, I didn’t notice too much of a loss in quality.


Inaugural Ride on the Slide

He LOVED the slide, even though his mama is so redneck she didn’t bother putting pants NOR socks on him. Again, another pic that must be hidden from my Olathe Grandma so she doesn’t KICK MY ASS. She wields a mean cane, folks. Trust me on this.

First Fling with the Swing

Indeed, we’ve got some serious Trucker Hat going on here. The cutest part was how hard it was to get a pic of him facing forward. He was fascinated with the baby swinging NEXT to him and didn’t really seem to get into the fact that HE was also swinging.

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