March 21, 2006

Have you ever seen a snot bubble?

Note: Despite the recent Blogger outage, I refuse to bash ‘em. This is FREE, after all, and you know what they say about beggars and their choices. Hands down, blogging is the cheapest hobby I have. Which sorta helps to make up for how much I blow on yarn and books.

Monumental Mucus: DUDE. I had heard of the rare, elusive snot bubble, but to behold it in PERSON. Dear God, it was HUGE. Like, “Steve Fossett could hitch a ride on it” HUGE.

Green is the New Black: Like most folks, I am Irish a few days of the year - St. Pat’s day and any other days that include a nice frothy Guinness or Colin Farrell (both are equally yummy in my book). My father, however, is Irish (and intermittently Scottish) every day of the year. He lives for St. Pat’s day and the various Irish/Scottish festivals that happen throughout the year. He usually marches in Lawrence’s parade wearing his kilt, joins the pub crawl for awhile and then goes home to where my step-mom has put together some corned beef and cabbage. The entire family takes the day off work and they pull the younger kids out of school. Since I have had to always work in the past, I was very excited to be able to join in the festivites. So, Friday, Arun and I went to his house to partake in the Guiness, corned beef and cabbage, Irish music and my dad’s generally obnoxious Irish excitement. Fun was had by all. And next year, Arun will be old enough for his first Guinness, no?

Scour Power: I have been doing a deep clean of my blog archives. It has become evident that the chances of folks in my Real Life finding this site are growing stronger and stronger with each stream of Google Juice heading my way. While I will still keep in tune with the original sarcastic nature of this blog, I am doing a clean sweep of anything that is exceptionally venomous. Also, I thought long and hard about it, but decided to keep my filthy voice as is. I actually don’t curse that much in Real Life and am trying to tone THAT down anyway because of the MonkeyBoy. However, I still need someplace to keep my Inner Sailor alive and kicking. Finally, please refer to the new Rancid Regulations Regarding Relational Rants in my sidebar. While it won’t serve as a “Get out of Jail Free” card, I hope it does explain that while I do indeed love my family, they simple provide too much irresistable fodder for posting material. And that would be their fault anyway, no?

Knockers: I am still not used to having cleavage. Particularly, when I nearly knocked my cereal bowl off the table this morning with them.

HBO Schmo: First, for some excellent conversations, links, and comments regarding the Sopranos be sure to check out Throwing Things . Said it before, will say it again - these guys have some of the best contributors and comments around - they don’t waste their time covering all the TV shows - just the ones THEY like, which adds to the value of their content. Damn - Sopranos has just blown me away so far. Also, if you aren’t Edie Falco, you can just forget about an Emmy or Golden Globe in the Best Dramatic Actress next year. I’d like to add that I am hooked on Big Love - it’s actually VERY interesting, well written, and excellently casted. Damn. It’s great to have Sunday nights back.

Tulips? Bah....: Warm weather must be around the corner as evidenced by the fresh bunny bits our kitty H. thoughtfully left on our front porch Sunday night. Ah! Nothing says “Spring”like hot steaming entrails and matted fur.

Littermaid Loser: We own one of those fancy kitty litter boxes - the Littermaid and before you write us off as those sort of folks that spend billions on their pets, let it be known that this fancy box is just as much as for US as it is for the cats. It is well worth the money spent. Except when you throw away a full receptacle and forget to replace it thus ensuring that a week’s worth of kitty poo is emptied directly onto your CARPET.

Bauer Power: Is anyone else disturbed by the fact that Jack Bauer is saving the world one terrorist at a time armed with his Palm Treo? At first, I was worried. After all, this is the very phone I own myself and I can’t even carry a conversation on it if I dare to descend into the nether regions of my basement. Apparently, I vastly underestimated the power that Palm’s Memo Pad and an SD memory card bestows upon a person in possession of this phone.

To Kill a Jayhawk Bird

Arun says “Boo, Bradley!”

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