March 16, 2006

Ever been blasted by the past before?

Yesterday was one of those days that knocks the wind out of you. I ran into a very old and dear friend from my college crowd (the Indian/Pakistani/Sri Lankan one). The same one that I was a part of while dating Asshole #1. In fact, this friend, R.W., was high school buddies with Asshole #1 back in Pakistan. Anyway, I was walking with a group of friends at the mall and as I passed by a store, I noticed someone waving at me. I instantly realized it was R.W. , told my friends I would meet up with them later and walked into the store (which I found out later he owns). After a good, long hug, we started catching up on our lives while still in amazement at having seen each other - R.W. had the goods on everyone I used to know - even their various relatives. We were all such an extended family in those days that we did know each other’s relatives as well. In fact, when I went to Pakistan in 1993, I visited and stayed with all those families.

The rest of the day was a weird mix of wistfulness and gratefulness. I don’t miss Asshole #1 - not by a long shot. My official definition of love is any situation where the 2 parts thrive together more so than they ever would have alone. That is certainly X and I - that was never, ever Asshole #1 and I. However, I DO miss my friends and it was lovely to hear how they were doing. After I broke up with Asshole #1, I kept in touch with them, but after we all graduated and moved all over the country, it became easier to lose touch and move on with my life. So while I certainly didn’t spend the day pondering “what ifs?”, I can’t deny that dating Asshole #1 led to my current happiness. For one, back in 1989, I met my friend J while she was dating Asshole #1’s roommate. J later introduced me to X in 2000. Also, because of my experiences with my college crowd, I came to know, understand, and love the cultures, foods, languages, and customs of the sub-continent of India. It became a part of who was and I was never able to shake it - much to Asshole #2’s chagrin and frustration because he never understood who I was and what I was about. However, when I met X, we clicked from the beginning and knew early on that it was going to work. X is just Western enough and I am just Indian enough.........

So, yesterday was nice. It was nice to see an old friend and leave the meeting knowing that I am in a fucking good place in my life. It was nice to see an old friend and have no regrets and know that all the pain and frustration of my 20s was worth it because I am with X now. Someone who could not be more perfect for me. And it was also nice to see an old friend and learn that the Indian bitch of a former roommate of mine got finally got what she deserved.
Whoo Hoo!!

Come on, you didn’t REALLY think I would end this post on a maudlin note, eh?

Sock it to me

All hail the first sock! Of course, these means I have to do ANOTHER sock in keeping with that whole “pair of socks” concept. It was actually really cool and I am happy with the results. I turned an excellent heel, but need to work a bit on getting the arch part down better - I wasn’t pulling enough between the needles and there are a few teeny holes because of it. Anyway - do you think I should make the stripes match on the second pair? I think it would be kinda funky-like to have the stripes NOT match. Not sure..... Anyway, I would definitely like to do another few pairs for my sisters because they would appreciate having some funky socks. My younger sister is also a knitter, to boot. However, when I do their pairs, I won’t be doing the fancy lacy ribbing ever again - it wasn’t worth the extra time and tears when a plain ribbing would do just fine. I will say that socks are definitely the Rodney Dangerfield of the knitting community. Even other knitters declare “why would I knit socks when I can buy them at Target?” With that thinking why would anyone knit a sweater? Those are also found at Target. Same goes for hats, baby blankets, and gloves. To question knitting a sock goes against the whole allure of knitting. Why? Because it is supposed to be fuh-reakin’ FUN. That’s why.

He keeps going and going and going.......

FIVE freakin’ months. I am SO glad that I decided to continue the pics in the same chair. This is the first month where he can sit unassisted. It’s pretty cool to see tangible milestones like that. As of late, I can report he has progressed from cooing to actual babbling - with consonants and everything! Genius, I tell ya. He’s got his Bs and Ds down pat and every now then will let loose an M and an L. I swear to God he said “Bob Boblaw” this morning. THAT’s my Arrested Development boy!

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