March 29, 2006

Could this be a new trend?

Last night, I am sitting there, working on my Fair Isle hat and the damned thing is going from bad to REALLY BAD. And I hadn’t even hit the “Fair Isle” part. In fact, I was still on the complicated braided TRIM. So I stopped. And thought about it. And decided that FOR ONCE, I was going to do something RIGHT. So, this afternoon, I frogged it (rip it, rip it, rip it) so that tonight I can walk into class proudly and START OVER. It’s convenient that the gal who hosts the Wednesday night knitting group I belong to is also the teacher of the Fair Isle hat class. I can easily work on this project for quite awhile but still, I am proud of myself. Too often, I half-ass things and just carry on - not only in knitting, either. So, it’s refreshing to do something correctly for once.

There has been so much going on lately. Believe it or not, I actually do things that don’t involve my kid. Sometimes........ I have been blogging about him so much lately for a few reasons. 1) It’s fun. 2) It’s easy material. 3) It’s nice to have the “documentation” for later since I suck ass at updating his baby book. Hey, I didn’t promise you a rose garden. Or a particularly clever blog, for that matter.

Last weekend was pretty nice, Friday night X and I went out for dinner at Lillie’s - I have posted about it over at Kansas City Kitty . Oddly enough, X and I don't sit at home that much since we had a baby. Normally, X and I are huge homebodies. We love snuggling up after a good meal and just hanging out - either reading, watching TV, me knitting, X tapping away at his laptop. However, Arun would find this pretty boring, so these days, we venture out a lot looking for local coffee houses or just picking up a meal somewhere. While I love being in Olathe, living in the suburbs is not “all that” when it comes to LOCAL restaurants and coffeehouses. Fortunately, X and I are very familiar with Kansas City, so we drive there quite often - even if we don’t eat out, we like to pick up some coffee, then meander through the city starting with downtown, heading south through Crown Center, then Midtown, the Westport, then the Plaza.

On Saturday, I took a temari ball class at Urban Arts and Crafts . I wanted to take the class because I know the teacher so well, but hadn't taken a class from her before. The process of doing a temari ball is actually pretty interesting - you take a styrofoam ball, wrap it completely in yarn, then in thread, then you carefully measure out your “points” to create the guides for the decorations - which are sewn on using embroidery thread. I am not done with my ball yet, so I can’t report whether this will officially become a new hobby or not. However, it definitely gets high marks for being something that is easy to start and put down. For sure, I bet I can get several months of Procrastination outta this thing. Oh, and yes, we sniggered in class every time the teacher said “balls”.

Yesterday, I started stocking up on scrapbooking supplies. I have over 180 pics of the kid coming in from PhotoWorks (and I paid less than $30! That site ROCKS.) No, no, NO, I don’t do REAL scrapbooking. I do the “slap a snap on a page, then write the date below it” sort of scrapbooking. I just don’t subscribe to the theory that my kid will appreciate my slaving for hours slicing and dicing cardboard cut-outs. It’s fine that other folks do scrapbooking, but me? Not so much - it would drive me crazy to have such a hobby - I would end up trying to papercut my wrists. For me, a hobby must be relaxing, conveniently transportable, and most importantly -- easily stopped whenever my kid wakes up from a nap. Scrapbooking fulfills none of those qualifications for me. I was debating whether to just create a slideshow of all the Simian Snaps (over 600 now and counting), but admittedly, it is still easier in this day and age to just drag out a hardcopy book to show folks.

In other Rancid news, I completed our sign-up for the Fair Share Farm . It’s a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and we tried to join last year, but were too late. I am SO excited about this. In short, you pay a set amount up front and then starting about May 15th, you get fresh veggies and fruits throughout the summer. Our weekly pickup will be Wednesdays in the Rivermarket, so I am looking forward to this being a part of our routine. Besides, I need to create precious, precious memories in pursuit of that Perfect Childhood so my kid doesn’t become a juvenile delinquent.

I have had a hard time writing this week - I just couldn't really pull anything meaningful together. In fact, this week has been pretty hard, period. I have been in a weird place lately and I can't pinpoint why. It pisses me off when I feel like this because the logical part in me is furious that I am taking life for granted and letting it pass me by. I have it pretty damned good and I HATE that feeling of inappreciation. I am hoping with the weather starting to get better that it will help pull me outta The Funk. I am so tired of brown grass and brown trees. I am so tired of the freakin' mall. It's a great place to walk and is convenient, but I am so over it now. I want leafy trees and flowers. I want to have my morning coffee on my deck, with the birds chattering and cats circling my ankles. Hey..... and THIS YEAR, my kid sitting on his blanket playing with his toys.

Hmmm, I feel a little better already.

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