March 27, 2006

Does it bother anyone else? A Redux

Call me a picky bitch (you won't be the first).........the hungry little caterpillar didn’t snuggle up in his cocoon, but rather his Chrysalis .......Good grief, no wonder SAT scores are going down.

Wow - there is so much going on right now, I am not sure where to start. All of it is boring to everyone except me, which is probably a good thing since it is MY life, after all. At a minimum, I need to be the one happy with it, right? Anyway, we’ve got farming, temari balls, fair isle hats, breastfeeding support groups with cool gals, taxation vexation, rice cereal, purging (not related to the cereal, thank goodness), and finally, pondering Life’s Choices. And I have no time to write about any of it.

Before I dash off, I leave you with this - Arun’s first shopping expedition in the cart. He was very concerned about it the entire time, which I guess would be normal for any 5 month old riding for the first time suspended way up in some metal contraption with your feet dangling in the air. I am just so excited that I won’t have to drag out the damned infant carrier anymore. Damn, I am SO damned tired of that damned carrier. The kid weighs more than 17 lbs as it is, adding the damned carrier makes it even damned worse AND Arun won’t even stay in the damned thing unless the damned car is actually moving. Damn it! I try to leave the damned carrier in the damned car as much as damned possible and often, I don’t bother to bring it in the house. But, before Friday, I had to take the damned thing out to do shopping. I often used up my precious, precious babysitting time doing shopping just so I wouldn't have to drag the damned carrier around. Which was a damned shame. NOW, I can use my precious, precious babysitting time for more important things, like fair isle hats.

Hot damn.

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