June 15, 2011

Keep Talking

Pink Floyd, The Division Bell 1994

This spring, I came up with a few goals for myself to achieve this summer:
  1. Relearn at least one Clementi sonatina on the piano.
  2. Remove the wallpaper in the dining room under the chair rail and repaint it to see if that tones down the floral motif.  I might repaint the kitchen as well (decision is still pending based upon the outcome of the dining room.)  
  3. Rejoin a local mom's group.  Previously, when I was a member, I was either sick, pregnant and sick, dealing with dual nap schedules or working.  It was always something.  This past spring, I put my foot down with myself and promised that I would not only rejoin the club, but that I would actively participate.  Oh my.  I am SO kicking myself for not getting involved all these past years!  The group is comprised of a really nice group of gals who just want to hang out and do fun, relaxing things with their kids.  No gossip, no politics, they are just a low-key group.
  4. Participate in the summer reading program with my kids.  Oh sure, I am always reading something, but I picked up one of the lists for myself - I am going to read a certain number of poems and short stories, just to stretch myself a bit (any recommendations on your favorite short stories or poems?)
  5. Finally, I promised myself that I was going to SCHEDULE things.  All too easily, I let our days go by willy-nilly.  In particular, the few hours that I have free while Team Chaos languishes in school.  This summer, I am scheduling lunches with friends, art museum outings, special exhibit outings (e.g. The Princess Diana exhibit was awesome!) and movies.  Their summer session ends mid-July and I am determined to not waste any of these precious kid-free hours.
  6. By the end of August, I want to add 5 new recipes to my repertoire.  I have already added one that I am in LOVE with - it's Thai Chicken in a red chili sauce.  I also have a stack of cookbooks from the library that I am poring over.
Honestly?  Life is pretty damned good right now.  I recently read Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok, one of the best books I have read in a long time.  I then read Shanghai Girls and Memories of Joy by Lisa See - both were VERY good reads.  Now, I've moved on to the 19th Wife - I am getting used to the different pace after having read three back-to-back books with Chinese immigrant themes.

Also, I joined a Facebook group that I affectionately refer to as the site about "Brown Boys and the White Girls Who Love Them".  Honestly, I am surprised at how much it has meant to me to have a group that understands some of the things that go with being married to a desi.  So far, the group is getting along with no drama (that I have seen anyway!)  and it is really nice to have a place to go to.  Lately, I've been spending more time on the group page than even on blogging!  Huh.

Flower Power
Help!  I am ripping out the wallpaper under the chair rail and am thinking of going with either a forest green or a dark, dark red.  I prefer a red, but what do you think?

Anjali is INSANE over her cousin Alaina.  They are simply too precious when they get together.  They disappear during the entire visit, off in their own little world of make-believe.

Recently, we went to Leavenworth to visit my grandma.  It was such a lovely visit - had a picnic by the river, then visited the Carousel Museum.  Afterward, we went back to her house where she showed the kids her piano, guitar, bongos, etc. (she is a music teacher and is so talented!)  It was so sweet to watch Arun and Anjali's eyes light up as she went from instrument to instrument. 

1850 Hand-Cranked Carousel
So Much Fun!  This is the oldest operating carousel in the United States!

1913 Carousel

Simian Snap!


Andrea said...

I haven't blogged in such a long time..at least you're doing a better job. I was already over due for a post over Memorial Day weekend…that that new group just had to pop up. I am there way to much myself. I have now started commenting on blogs…in hopes that I'll feel guilty and do my own. No luck so far! BTW> the kids are looking cute as always!

Unknown said...

I vote red as well! Green is nice but I think red would be so vibrant and you have enough light to pull it off.

Cara said...

Have you read any Shel Silverstein as an adult? I recently picked up my copy of Where The Sidewalk Ends just looking for something playful to read to my daughter. And I realized I find him even more clever as an adult. And it's something the kid can enjoy and demand over and over again without making me want to pull my hair out by the fifth reading.

Also, I saw your photo and immediately thought green, so I'll stick with my first instinct there and say the Hunter Green.

I think your on to something with using your time intentionally. Now that I'm home full-time with my girl, I actually get less done for me. I turn around and the day is over. I read what you wrote and realized I need to start planning my stuff in to the day too.

Olivia said...

I love your goals. I never really make goals, so I always have a feeling of not accomplishing anything.

I vote for green. I think red would clash if you are keeping the wallpaper above the chair rail.

Amanda said...

So glad you found a group. I'm still looking for a "Those Who Take Care of Cranky Grandmas and Know Way to Much About Medicare" group. No luck, so far.

Before painting the walls a dark color.....It is a small-ish room. Check your light to make sure that enough natural comes through the windows. Dark colors tend to suck the light out of a room and make it look smaller than it is. With a lighter shade of green you may brighten the space and make it look less "heavy". Hard to tell from the pictures and memory. Don't be afraid to take the wall paper off, and then use some samples before making a final decision. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

For short stories my favourites are by Jeffrey Archer. He's an English Baron but spent time in jail for perjury. Some of his collections of short stories are: Twist in the Tale, Quiver full of arrows, 12 red herrings.

~ Krishanu